Universal Medicine Therapies

Profound healing therapies for everyone founded by Serge Benhayon.

Universal Medicine Therapies

In 1999, Universal Medicine Therapies were introduced to the world by Serge Benhayon and soon after practised by several physiotherapists and other health practitioners who were inspired by the remarkable changes they were witnessing in people.

What started as a small group of practitioners asking Serge to share with them his way of practice, has now expanded to an international school with an extraordinarily broad range of students from all walks of life worldwide, who attend to study a way to live that is essentially healing, and now for the past 16 years have been bringing these healing therapies into everyday life, making them available to and inclusive of all.

The study of Universal Medicine Therapies is unique in that an integral part of the curriculum is the integration of Science, Philosophy and Religion, and the subsequent branches of healing in relation to medicine, relationships, parenting and education that stem naturally from these. These teachings form a necessary foundation to understand all that the human condition encompasses and a way of living that can be true medicine.

The therapies are:

The therapies, practised with great care, precision and integrity, are very simple in that they present an opportunity for the client to connect naturally with their inner-essence, and by virtue of letting go in the stillness of the treatment, surrender deeply in the body.

The real healing in this is that the client, if they so choose, can allow themselves to feel their own ‘quality’, a profound yet very natural part of who they are that unfortunately often gets overlooked and separated from in the busy day-to-day functioning of life.

Re-connecting to this essence holds the key to true healing because this inner-heart centre reinstates us with Truth, Harmony, Love, Equality and Stillness, the five qualities that expand our awareness and are delivered from the Soul. It is a pure moment of receiving healing from your Soul, feeling yourself unimposed on by all ideals and beliefs, stresses, competition, and the daily issues and hurts carried that make our lives complicated and leave most of us feeling like we don’t measure up. In the clear and still space provided by the healing, the client has an opportunity to feel their body and all that it is communicating to them.

Our bodies constantly communicate a truth of how we are choosing to live in a very direct and transparent way, so these moments of re-connection with our bodies can at times be sobering and a poignant moment of accountability – even something as simple as noticing that at the commencement of a session you feel tired, only to fully realise at the session’s end how exhausted your body truly has been. This opportunity for healing can also be resisted and overridden, as sometimes there is the inability to let go and surrender to the healing that is available. Fighting the surrender like we fight sleep, many people find it difficult to let go of the control and protection they’ve taken on in their bodies and are living or ‘getting through’ life with.

A valuable lesson the client learns is that the therapies are not the healing. The healing comes from the person’s own permission to activate a process of letting go to the body’s inherent intelligence and ability to heal, not evading the honesty of our bodies and shying away from the responsibility that is there to feel from what we have been awakened to.

These therapies are so valuable in that they commence and support the relationship between the client’s inner-self and their physical being, taking into account their mental and emotional thoughts – in other words ‘the whole person’ – and starting a correspondence about true healing and wellbeing for the human body and the being.

“I have always known that there is something more to life”, says Brisbane Engineer Greg Hall. A Civil Engineer of more than 20 years, Greg Hall is definitely not your average practitioner of healing, though practising Sacred Esoteric Healing has become part of his everyday family and work life. With a mathematical mind, Greg has always tried to make sense of things. “It wasn’t until I came across Universal Medicine Therapies and Serge Benhayon that I was able to piece all the puzzles of life together”. Greg Hall’s statement might sound bold but it is a statement that many are making as they share their experience of Universal Medicine therapies.

Amelia Stephens, a General Practice Doctor says, “As doctors we have to accept that many patients are turning to Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM). If our patients are working with CAM, we need to be supporting them to be using CAM safely and responsibly.”

Universal Medicine Therapies founder Serge Benhayon agrees, “In early 1999 I began to speak about the fact that our health to ill-health trajectory was flawed in that what we considered was ‘health’ was not true health but the absence of what we deemed was ill-health. Therefore, we were not and still are not as well as we consider we are to begin with. It is here, where the many modalities that comprise a universal form of medicine were inaugurated; simple treatments that assist one to not only heal themselves but to register, know and hence understand a deeper form of health than was previously held.”

Accordingly, ‘Universal Medicine Therapies’ were founded by philosopher, healer and prolific author Serge Benhayon, as he could see that the world was suffering with the ever-increasing burden of illness and disease, the crippling nature of mental health conditions, the far reaching impact of cancer and the devastation of suicide. “We are in the midst of many epidemics such as exhaustion, lack of true sleep, poisonous unresolved emotions and an ever-increasing incessant discontent that will cause many ill mental conditions. These are but a few of the global ailments that form the basic roots of what in the near future will begin to show as the many faces of illness and disease, the true roots of which reside in ill energy” (Serge Benhayon, circa. mid 1999)

It was from this true intent that the Universal Medicine Therapies, sometimes referred to as the Esoteric Modalities, were born. Serge Benhayon has trained hundreds of practitioners worldwide who not only walk their talk but are 100% committed to energetic integrity and energetic responsibility. A UK based physiotherapist agrees: “One of the key qualities I have observed in Universal Medicine trained practitioners is that they are the real deal – they walk their talk in other words. They understand the responsibility that comes with being a practitioner and that the true quality of any advice or support they offer their clients comes from the way they live themselves. As a result, Universal Medicine Therapies come with tremendous integrity and authenticity. They are life changing.”

Rebecca Poole, a former acupuncturist who now exclusively practises Universal Medicine Therapies says: “These modalities just make sense. They are profound in what they deliver but extremely practical and down to earth at the same time, meaning they are applicable to everyone. In my practice I treat everyone – young, old, miners, builders, doctors, specialists, nurses, psychologists, and the unemployed. There are no boundaries, we all benefit from what Universal Medicine Therapies have to offer.”

A busy Sydney practitioner, shared that Universal medicine therapies are extremely empowering for clients and at no stage are clients made to be reliant on their practitioner. “Clients deeply connect to the power of their own healing ability and inner stillness. Then, from this place, connect to how their everyday life provides continual opportunity, moment to moment, to heal hurts and expose beliefs and ideals that have weighed them down and through this process feel a lightness of being return. I can’t tell you how many times clients, after their session, say how long they have searched for a modality to be able to experience what they did during their session.”

NSW Health Administration Officer Alison Pearson shares, “My life used to be a ‘to do list’ that I focussed on ‘getting through’ with the aid of my wine cellar. Universal Medicine Therapies have enabled me to find my way home, to deeply appreciate how totally awesome I actually am and always have been. I am no longer a slave to my list, I enjoy just being me, feeling the love that’s nestled deep inside and bringing that to everything I do. I have never been more my-self and I’m loving every moment.”

The Universal Medicine Therapies, if understood and aligned to, can strengthen and build an inner self-confidence to live the experience of harmony and re-connection to your own love that you feel in session, out in the real world. In a hectic, stressful, modern world they inform the client of their responsibility to their own health and wellbeing and educate in a practical way how to live consistently, staying centred and steady under life’s many pressures.

You can study all Universal Medicine Therapies through the training organisation Universal Medicine or study Chakra-puncture through Evolve College

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