The simplicity of true intimacy

The simplicity of true intimacy

The simplicity of true intimacy

For most if not all of us, intimacy has been something we believed was exclusive to our partners and physical contact, to be shared only with someone we were in love with. It has also been something we can be a little afraid of, that it can somehow leave us vulnerable and exposed. Intimacy can also be perceived by some as purely a sexual experience, confined to the bedroom only.

What if all this wasn’t actually true intimacy?

Deeply within all of us is a desire to love and be loved

  • If we were to open up to the possibility that love and intimacy are in fact all around us – with our friends, our family, our neighbours, work colleagues, the lady on the checkout at the supermarket, and with strangers we might meet in the street ... what would this offer in terms of our perception of love?
  • When you smile warmly at someone who you don’t even know and they return that smile – what does that feel like?
  • When someone offers you a helping hand when you least expect it – the connection you feel with that person is genuinely grateful and you feel a warmth between you – even if it is fleeting ...

These moments are intimate

Let’s look at friendship. Your closest friend and you are spending some time together – laughing, sharing some food and maybe some personal things you might have experienced. It feels warm, comfortable and lovely – it is an intimate connection. There might even be some physical contact between you – an arm around the shoulder, or any gesture you offer to show them that you love them and appreciate the time you spend together. This is intimately sharing yourself with another.

Opening yourself up to the idea that intimacy can be shared with all around you is a liberating thought.

Imagine allowing deeper connections with all the people around you, and feeling that warmth returned without any expectations of where it might lead. True intimacy can be offered in simple moments – even just with eye contact shared with a person you are having an interaction with. Let them see how lovely you are just with your eyes – and notice how they at first might seem surprised, and then often how they return that love to you with a glint in their eye to say how much they enjoyed the experience.

We have much to offer with the love we all have naturally inside us

"Be Love, it is who you really are."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 680

Opening ourselves up to what true intimacy is can also help with that need we feel to be accepted and loved. Often we put all that pressure on our partners and the sharing of a sexual experience, instead of trusting that we know we can have love and intimacy in our life from all the people around us.

Let love out – let love in – it’s all a wonderful experience.

Developing our relationship with ourselves and truly knowing who we are allows us to deepen our personal intimacy; and this honouring of who we are reflects back to all those around us – allowing for true intimacy to be there in the simplest of moments in our day.

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  • By Jo Swinton