What if a miracle was something very ordinary yet extraordinary?

We have conveniently allowed both religion to 'own' miracles, and us to look at a miracle in a way that holds at bay the real power of our relationship with the spark within and with God and divinity.

When one hears about a miracle, do we have in mind the miracles of the Saints, or that miracles only happen to the pious or in some distant time or place? This is what a miracle has come to mean for many, and in this way it has lost its meaning.

Another thing that we as humanity tend do with miracles is to say: “it was a miracle“ and pass off what was offered as a point of connection as something unexplainable or even coincidental (almost blasé in the way we do this). Using the term as a throwaway comment but really to avoid what we know deep within is happening and reduce the impact of the truth, avoiding evolution. In this way we are all responsible for the bastardisation of miracles from being a most important part of our every day.

The word ‘miracle’ comes from the Latin, miraculum (‘object of wonder’) and miror (‘to wonder at’) and is related to the Sanskrit, smei or mei (‘to smile’).

We have allowed the word to be co-opted by religions that base their beliefs on a miracle and so claim a special status as representing the truth or the way. Yet, the simple fact is that miracles are actually an expression of our connection with ourselves or another person at our deepest level; of our connection with God or nature.

Connect with ourselves or another, with God or with nature, and miracles are seen every day.

This is not to understate the wonder that is there. It is to see that we have allowed our sense of wonder, our sense of the miraculous, our seeing of what is a miracle to be restricted and narrowed, even entirely misplaced, because we have been looking for the wrong thing or looking in the wrong place or simply because we have given up looking because we had lost contact with the wonder of ourselves, of each other, of God and nature.

What if a miracle was something very ordinary yet extraordinary, and was simply something wondrous, a sign in our lives that we in fact belong to something greater than the superficial mind allows us to know and see.

What if a miracle was simply a confirmation of a deep inner knowing that we are held in and belong to something that is so wondrous that it simply can’t be ignored and calls for us to return to it every moment – and from this there arises from deep within a smile as we see that it is our own selves, and the wonder of another, of God and nature, that is being confirmed and communicated by the object of wonder that we call a miracle.

A transformation in a life, a return to the joy that we each knew within as a small boy or girl, a breath-stopping moment of beauty in a relationship, a turnaround in health and wellbeing, and/or feelings about oneself and life, the majesty of connection with God or nature – all these are miracles.

When we come to connect with our Soul, we come to see that miracles are actually everyday events, on offer to all of us equally, through the simple choice to connect to the Soul – the so-much-more that we all truly are.

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  • Photography: Cameron Martin, Video and Photography