What is Religion?

We have lost the simplicity of what religion is in its essence. And with this, we have lost the simplicity of our very natural connection with it.  Our relationship with religion has become complicated. 

If we were to return to the simplicity of religion we would see that, in its essence, religion is building a connection with what is known within us as our highest connection with a purity.  That purity might be recognised outside us – in a sunset, the smile of a loved one, or a child. It might be recognised as inside us. 

Wherever it is recognised, religion is the development of a personal connection with that purity.  That is religion in its simplicity. 

We don’t need churches, mosques, temples or shrines to build this connection with purity. We don’t need catechisms, hymnals, chants, or creeds.  

We don’t need scriptures or sacred texts. We don’t even need to belong to a congregation or group.  

Connection with purity, wherever and whenever it occurs; in the quiet of our home, at work, in the street, in our inner-heart –– the moment we know that connection, then there is religion.