Living Religion

Here are stories from people living in religion: what is obvious from the stories is that they look just like you and me.

These people live ordinary lives – working in all fields, coming from all backgrounds in life – and Religion has been made a part of the ordinariness of their every day. As shared by Natalie Hawthorne “it is no big fireworks or enlightenment, it is in the very ordinary everyday life that I live, like when I make a coffee at work, sitting on the London underground tube, or making dinner”.

They live the extraordinary as ordinary because they bring their connection with their Divine essence with them.

Michael Benhayon describes this way of life – “There is a connection to me that lives inside me, and as I take me everywhere, so too does this connection follow.

Article not found expresses the nature of this connection in his life “I feel honest when I connect with my body. It enables me to feel the truth of how I live, and the potential of how I could live”.

This connection “becomes more natural and those activities become rich, alive and joyously full in a way that cannot be easily described, but can most certainly be felt” (Rachel Mascord).

Natalie Benhayon describes connection as the foundation of her religious life, showing that it is not just reserved for a special place or time. “The connection to myself is not something I “go and do” outside somewhere in nature, or in any specific seated position, it is a way of living – a conscious awareness of what quality I choose to carry myself in and thus, what quality will be brought into all of my actions.

For Eunice Minford religion “is fundamentally about love. For me, it is the knowing that God is love and that I am love – and what’s not to love about that?

Read their stories to get a deeper appreciation of what religion is, its everyday simplicity and magic, and its relationship to our body.

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