The power of movement and our effect on space

Earth is held within the universe, which is made up of space.

When we look out to the night sky and actually stop and feel the quality, we have the opportunity to experience the wonder and awe of the stars. Furthermore, we can open up to the possibility of exploring the quality of space and the universe right down here on Earth as we get a sense of its quality from where we stand. However, if we were to apply the same technique (pausing to connect and feel) would we get the same feeling of wonderment while standing on the underground in rush hour, in the line at the supermarket or in a football stadium or pub?

How is it that we can relate to the universe and feel another dimension reaching far beyond our small human lives and look at the quality of nature as serene, calm, relaxing, still, peaceful, etc. and yet human life can be chaotic, stressful and overwhelming. Why is it we look at pictures of the natural world or of Earth from satellites and feel steady, but the pictures of human activity have a buzz or motion to them? Watching a flock of birds or butterflies equally has a lot of motion to it, but the quality of their motion is different from what we see in human life.

So then how are we moving as humans that can have a lot of motion and be unsettled, but the movement of nature can be just as rapid if not more so but still contain an element of stillness and order? As human beings we can obviously create a quality of movement that is contra to the space we are surrounded by.

Can we then say that the quality of our movements create our environment and the energetic quality that is established sets forth emanating a certain quality of space – which equals that which surrounds us?

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Moving with stillness

Stillness is a quality that can be found inside our body and expressed outwardly through movement.

Our movements are governed by the space within us, the quality of energy flowing through us. If we have negative thoughts about ourselves and have disregarding ways of living, like not feeling worthy of having nice things or relationships, we are outwardly surrounded by uncared for objects and possibly abusive relationships. This outer space feeds the inner space and vice versa.

So, is it possible that we can have space within space that differs in vibrational quality?

If we don’t clean our homes they become smelly, dirty and generally unpleasant to be in, the very air becomes offensive, the complete opposite to what we can experience while out in nature (or outside the smelly house!). A clear example of how we move affecting the space around us.

Therefore, changing our movements can alter everything, when we make changes in our lifestyle that come first from a connection to our bodies, such as sleeping when tired, cutting out foods that make us feel unsettled or ill after consumption. This has an impact on our thoughts, on the way we care for ourselves and likewise how we care for others. These lifestyle choices that are governed by how we feel give off a certain vibration that then contributes to the greater vibration that creates the energetic pool we are all living within and draw our choices from.

However, what if within the deepest part of us was a quality of space that resonated to the vibration of the universe and the stars?

For the grander space we are held in emanates harmony, and when we learn to reconnect to our essence within, we understand the surrounding grandness as it is already living within us. Thus, the more we learn of our essence and live from that source rather than what is demanded from us, the more we understand of the universe beyond the created human life.

We can run away into nature to try to avoid the stresses of human life, but we can’t live in a cave forever, for most of us we are here on Earth with everyone else, interacting and relating to each other daily. By returning to our essence, deep within us, we outgrow the need to escape into the stillness of nature as the quality of the universe is emanating from the inside of us and out.

Could this be a way of dissolving the dichotomy we see in human life when compared to all other life forms on this planet and to the stars at night?

The more we connect and live from our essence those middle layers become less thick, and we start to experience everything as one seamless life within the grander space we occupy.

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