Space – the final frontier

What Is Space?

Space – the final frontier, something to be explored in the search for new planets, life and hope, answers for a better human race. A place to find solace and a future for our species when we have destroyed our Earthly home; once it can no longer support or provide for our population numbers and wayward activities that disrespect our ancient and supporting Mother Earth who gave us life and then sustained us in her womb.

Or is space a place to be feared, full of aliens wanting to conquer and dominate our planet, here to invade us with their superior technology and intellect, ready to wage war and wipe us out of existence so they can have our planet for their own home?

These are the images that science fiction would have us believe about space and its vastness and what is potentially out there – space is either our saviour or our destroyer. But what if this is so far away from what space really is and we have been selling and buying a lie to keep us from knowing that space is not what it appears, or that we have been focussing our billions of research and space exploration dollars looking for and at entirely the wrong things.

However, let’s back up for a moment, let’s come closer to home.

Firstly, why are we looking for answers and spending billions of dollars searching out in space when life on Earth is so obviously not ‘right’ – when we have crime, violence, war, hatred, poverty, illness and disease and we can’t even get our relationships to work as witnessed by the rates of domestic violence, divorce and misery. Surely we should be making the space we live on and in work before we take our view of the universe and space out there?

Secondly, are we missing an important point here? Space it is not something ‘out there’, our planet and our very existence is in fact in space… we are part of it. Space is not separate to life on Earth; when we look out to the stars it is not like watching TV or a movie – we are looking at our home, no different to when we stand in our house and look out into the street.

Ok, if you had never left your house and only stared out the window, you could be forgiven for thinking you were separate to the world beyond your front door, yet we know we are not, and is this not the same for space? Our World is in and part of space and hence space is part of our everyday life and experience… We are also space.

Yet what is space? Is it the stars, the galaxies, the planets? And what is all that space between them? Is that just nothingness?

We know when we stand in a room that the room is filled with air and not only the solid objects we can see and touch. Science has also proven that even we, our bodies and the particles that make them up, are more space than solid so it would appear that we ourselves are more space than anything else.

And interestingly we only appear solid because our particles are vibrating at a slower or lesser quality than those around us that make up the air and indeed the space.

Thus, would it be fair to suggest that space is a higher vibrational energy and therefore is not the nothingness we imagine it to be – and thus if space vibrates, that it has its own quality of being?

Maybe we need to make this more tangible just for a moment? . . .

Gases vibrate quicker than liquids, and liquids quicker than solids, and hence they have more space between their particles as the particles can move faster to escape the forces of attraction that keep the particles together. Then there is the space vibrating between the particles at a rate so fast that it appears to be still.

And this is what space is – a vibration, an energy. It is not nothing, it is everything, and that energy is all around us, passing through us and part of us. We are made up of space.

Now what if that space was not random but organised and intelligent, carrying the whole wisdom of the Universe? And what if, therefore, because we are made up of space we also carry this Universal intelligence and wisdom? And could it be because we do not live in a way that moves this same vibration and expression, that we are denying our own grandness and universality?

The answer to these questions would have to be yes. However, if we perceive ourselves as only human or indeed even spiritual, we are firstly not seeing that we are more than meets the eye, and secondly the way we live and move will not be in accordance with the quality and vibration of space. Hence, it is easy for us to say I am not space, it is something out there.

However, our particles belong to space, as does the space between them, and thus they carry the Divine Universal Wisdom that aligns to the vibration and intelligence that breathed them forth. If we can live in a way that enhances that vibrational quality and allow an expansion of our particles through a higher vibration, the vibration of our soul, we are able to access the multidimensionality and intelligence of the Universe.

This is not a quest to be superhuman but to return to our way of being that we are originally from – to evolve (return) to our soul and live the love that we all inherently are. It is a movement or way of life, a livingness that countenances “as is above so is below”. Through the quality of our being we can be the expression of Heaven on Earth.

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