"When by your living way you reflect all that another truly is, a form of alchemy and science that occurs energetically, they, those who are receiving the reflection, will be confirmed as being all the 5 qualities of God – joy, stillness, love, harmony and truth."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, Volume II, ed 1, p 374

Alchemy is usually described as transforming or transmuting one thing to another. From there we get many interpretations, misinterpretation and reinterpretation of the word ranging from chemistry to magic to witchcraft and all sorts of strange things shrouded in supposed mystery.

True alchemy is about transforming a denser object or body into a fiery expression and is actually something quite simple that occurs naturally all the time.

Have you ever experienced being in the presence of an angry person and feeling disturbed or a sad person and feeling pulled down – something most of us are familiar with. That is not alchemy as you are being exposed to a denser energy.

What about the other side when you are in the presence of a harmonious person who is not imposing with any reactions or judgements and you suddenly find yourself lightening up and feeling more spacious and aware. Their presence and vibration has an alchemical affect. In many cases you yourself might be that person.

This is the very basics of alchemy and from there the consequences and transformation spread and have far greater effect than most of us consciously realise. Forget not that we are all connected, interactive and living in one pool of energy all of the time.

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The wisdom of alchemy

Understanding what true alchemy is versus what we believe it to be.

Alchemy is the chemistry of God and as such it is something that is accessible to each and every one of us regardless of where we live, what we do and what our personal beliefs and background may be. The truth is, far from being a ‘dark art’ practiced in a ‘hidden lab’ by those deemed ‘special’ and endowed with such knowledge, alchemy is simply the process of arising a lower energetic vibration to a higher one also known as the act of transmutation. This is a simple science that can occur through each of us in our daily lives subject to the way we live and thereby choose to move.

At a practical level, we know that all physical form is made up of thousands of tiny particles that have a relationship to each other in the sense that the closer the particles are to each other, the denser the energetic makeup and hence the form will be. When heat is added to a substance, the particles vibrate faster and move further apart so that the object becomes less dense. When the heat in this equation comes from the Soul’s Fire, which is simply the energetic quality of Love, this process is known as alchemy because the formlessness (light) is having a positive (uplifting) effect on the form (matter). Therefore we could say that alchemy it is quite literally the process of ‘lightening up’!

No one is the creator of alchemy, God is. However you can, through your lived way, fine tune your daily movements so that your body can be used as a vehicle through which this fiery energy (Divinity) can pass freely.

"No one is outside Occult Laws, and thus no one is not ever its student given that the Magic and Alchemy of God and the reflections of life are but lessons we cannot ever escape ... they are all around us, thus they are inescapable. Hence, once the self is conquered, by arresting the less than glorious way to be, the Occult student stands in awareness of the fact that we live inside His body."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, Volume II, ed 1, p 462

Alchemy has been around since the dawn of time. Interestingly, one of the ancient names for the Pyramid lands (Old ‘Egypt’) was Khemia, which means ‘land of the black earth’ (as referenced by Plutarch) and the prefix Al is Arabic for ‘the’. Therefore, Al-Khemia translates into The Land of the Black Earth.

This is significant when we understand that esoterically, black is symbolic of the energy of repose (the in-breath of God) and gold is symbolic of God’s light in motion (the out-breath). Together these two elements form the breath of the Universe also known as The Great Cycle – God breathes in (repose), He breathes out (motion).

This shows us that the legendary process of ‘turning lead to gold’ is not a literal process. It is simply the process whereby the deeper we go into the quality of repose, the grander our expression will be when that quality is then put into motion, for it is Universal Law and the most simplest of truths that we cannot breathe out without first breathing in, as it is the very rhythm of life we are all bound by here on Earth.

Looking deeper into the root of the word alchemy we find the Greek word khymatos, which means ‘that which is poured out’ and Khein – to pour.

That which is poured through us is then poured out.

Therefore, it is the quality of our in-breath (the depth of our multidimensionality we access) that will determine the quality of the out-breath (all that we put into action from this source). In this way we are able to transmute the density of the energetic expression that is ‘carnal man’ (the lowest form of expression in our entire universe) back to our former glory that has been and always will be our true multidimensional non-self and this is why occultly speaking, alchemy has always described the process of the ‘son of man’ arising back to the Son of God and inevitably back to the god he/she always was.

Alchemy is the path of our true evolution – a full and glorious return to the Soul’s Fire that burns eternally within us all.

Teachings of Serge Benhayon presented and compiled by Liane Mandalis and Nicola Lessing

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