In a nutshell The Livingness is simply about living as our true selves. It is how the Soul would live on Earth because that is who we truly are.

It is our ability to live and express who we truly are inside, and taking this into our day to day life.

Everything we do say or think and every action we take or do not take contributes to our Livingness. Our choices, actions and inactions have a direct effect on our health, physical body, planet and each other. They can be the cause of our greatest healing or harm.

The Livingness is never about perfection, as there is not a measure of judgment in the typical sense of “good”, “right” or “wrong” based on imposed ideals and beliefs. There is no picture that constitutes The Livingness, but a forever unfolding development that respects the timing and rhythm of each person to embrace who they truly are, and to learn in that development whatever may be the needed lessons at hand, by the virtues of being students of life - as we all are.

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The Livingness unites the outer and the inner

Do we hide the grandness of who we truly are from others?

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The Livingness – a spherical way of life

What has The Livingness got to do with the way we walk down the street?

From birth to death we are bombarded by all that we are not and constantly told that we should be this way or that, so much so that we often lose connection to our true Essence and start looking outside of ourselves for who we are.

It is our evolution to RETURN to our true selves and for all of humanity to express and live in the quality of the Soul on earth. Those qualities are Love, Truth, Joy, Stillness and Harmony.

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What exactly is The Livingness

Returning to our true essence that we felt as a child and how living from that quality creates a way of being.

From the history of the word we learn that…

The word Livingness comes from the union of the word ‘living’ and the suffix ‘ness’. The word ‘living’ derives from the verb ‘to live’ from the Old English ‘liflan’ and ‘libban’ meaning ‘to be, live, have life or to experience’. This in turn originates from the Proto-Germanic ‘liben’ meaning ‘to live, to remain’ and from the Proto-Indo-European root ‘leip’ – ‘to remain, to continue’. The aspect of continuity is also found in the origins of the root ‘leip’ which appears to derive from the Greek ‘liparein’ meaning ‘to persist, to persevere’.

Importantly, the suffix ‘ness’ added to the verb living indicates that the word Livingness does not simply refer to the act of living or going through life in a casual manner nor does it refer to the fact of simply being alive or existing, but it implies that there is a very specific quality and state of being to that living.

Although the dictionary defines the word Livingness as the ‘state or quality of being alive, possession of energy or vigour, animation…’ it is clear that its etymology implies much more than any present definition portrays.

In fact, both the Proto-Indo-European and Greek roots of the word show that the verb to live was at its origins used with the meaning of ‘to remain, to continue or to persist’. This appears to indicate that in ancient times people knew that everything they lived remained or continued; that is: that every action or inaction, every word, every thought and every intention would leave an imprint which would persist, continue and thus, would have an impact on themselves, others and on everything around them. This is because those ancient civilisations knew that everything was energy and because of energy and that no-thing could escape this truth.

The awareness that the energy of everything that was lived would continue and would leave an imprint, meant that life needed to be lived with a very specific quality, integrity and responsibility. In other words, life had to be lived in a way that would take into account “…the part within the whole and the whole within the part…” (Serge Benhayon) at any given time. That is, life had to be lived spherically. The spherical way of living is called the Livingness.

Hence, in its true energetic meaning the word Livingness indicates a quality or a way of living that is all encompassing and that stems from our connection to our innermost Essence, that is to our Soul.

"It is the livingness of who we truly are that will make the Divine changes to this plane of life. It will not happen by us having the knowledge to study and or research it. Even Divine knowledge is but a mere speck in relation to the omnipresence that comes from the livingness of it."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 113

Further Reading and Listening

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Presenting from the livingness

Presenting from the livingness comes from someone living from their inner-most.

The Livingness 1 and 2 Workshops

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present these two one day workshops that introduce and expand on the basic principles of the Way of the Livingness, one or more times each year in both Australia and the UK. More details can be found under Upcoming Events and Workshops.

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The birth of The Livingness 1 workshop

The Livingness 1 is a one day workshop about re-connecting to the real true you and thus learning to make that your way of life. In this audio Serge shares how the workshop came to be.

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Developing trust

The Livingness 2 workshop is about clearing the hurts you hold in your body and developing trust to let people in, even those who have hurt you.

From The Livingness 1 event flyer

The word the ‘Livingness’ stands for a way or form of living that forges forth a being and its expressing vehicle towards their true form. In essence, 'the true way to live’ is to live in a way that is a harmonious integration of who you truly are in a world that is not so seemingly accepting of the real you. Too many of us give-up and thus cave-in to the way we are told to be rather than be who we truly are. The problem is -- if you cannot live the real you, you end up living what you are not. This makes us deeply sad and or miserable, angry and very frustrated etc, which are all harm-full emotions that we then try and drown-out or cover-up with food, beverages, distraction and mental escapes not to mention the drain this has on our body which we then have to constantly prop-up in so many ways to keep ourselves going. In short, we end up living a self-abusive cycle we never planned or set-out to live, but nonetheless, inherit its ill ways.

This pernicious cycle and its way of living are clearly not working for anyone, evidenced by the fact that so many are deeply dependent on stimulants like caffeine just to get-by and through the day, medication for pain and or ill mental health not to mention the sleeping disorders and the abhorrent rates of illness and disease across all societies in our world. There has to be another way that is true and thus free of the historic and to-date manner of ‘remedying’ our problems with substances that also have an adverse affect … like using caffeine, which is an assault on our nervous system, to deal with our tiredness and or exhaustion. ‘Remedying’ our problems is not only not the way, it is another form of abuse we will inevitably pay-for later, as is the growing case worldwide, evidenced by the multi-symptomatic ill conditions many are experiencing.

There is a ‘way’ to live a truly joy-full life. That ‘way’ is to know how to live in the harmony of physical life and its determining energetic factors. The point is -- it is all rather simple, practical and very accessible if one is ready to admit that what they have is not working and therefore, is ready to be open to a truth they already know but have not been able to connect to. The fact is, we naturally knew this as kids but do not live it as adults.

The key therefore, is to know how to be the real you and make that fit into your everyday life. For many, the experience is that this is near impossible but, it is not difficult if you know the real you first and know how to hold that truth in a world that has not ever asked you to be the real you. This is the purpose of this series of workshops known as The Livingness.

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