Is change possible? Understanding the choices we make and why!

Is change possible? Understanding the choices we make and why!

  • Have you ever wondered why we make choices that are not good for us?
  • Is it possible there is more to making a choice than a simple yes or no?

This video supports us to understand that it is not just sheer will power that will determine the choices we make.

We tend to look at life in a singular fashion, that each choice is separate to every other choice, but the truth is all choices are inter-related. We are made up of a pattern of choices that determine a quality of being that will pre-determine the quality of each next choice.

For true change to occur, for us to be able to truly change the quality of our choices, we must first come from a connection with self, only then will we be free to make a true choice that is truly supportive of ourselves, versus the choices we make that are not supportive to our overall well-being.

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  • By Caroline Raphael, Psychologist, BPsych, MAPS, EPA Recognised

    Life has so much to teach us, whether amazing or difficult there is always something to learn and evolve from. I love people and all our quirky differences. I love how we come together in crisis, that beneath it all we are fundamentally the same.