Free Gentle Breath Meditations® download library

Free Gentle Breath Meditations - An Introduction

Free Gentle Breath Meditations® download library

The Gentle Breath Meditation™ is simply a tool for reconnection through the focus on developing the quality of your breath.

The Free Meditation Library offers a range of supportive gentle breath meditations. These instructional meditations were recorded with a live audience of 150+ participants and are a sample of the many different ways the Gentle Breath Meditation can be delivered.

You may find particular meditations are more useful at different times depending on how you are feeling.

  • These recordings can be used to re-connect to and establish the natural stillness that resides within us all – there is a meditation to suit everyone.
  • They can support you in dealing with the various states you may find yourself in such as: anxiety, stress, excessive mental activity (the racy mind), distraction, numbness, disconnection from your body and so on.
  • The meditations can serve to simply confirm and deepen your connection to your innermost self.

Enjoy meeting yourself – there is nothing greater!

Once you know the techniques you can listen and simply apply them until such time that you can do the gentle breath meditation without the audio. Of course, it is also fine to continue with the audio support, as many do. More meditations will also be made available here in coming months.

Download one or the whole series and enjoy some time with yourself.

"Allow the living Stillness of your gentle In-breath to establish the gentleness within. (It takes only five to ten minutes.) This is first the focus at the tip of the nose where the gentle breath is felt as a cool breeze. Once this has occurred proceed to allow that gentleness to just be in the body by gently surrendering the body with each and every equally gentle Out-breath. The focus of the Out-breath is the gentle warmth at the bottom rim of the nostrils. Let the body fall away with every gentle Out-breath. You are now in Grace. Proceed forth."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy – ‘The Sayings’, p 79

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