Fluttering Eyes – the huge false eyelash phenomenon

When you look into the eyes of a newborn it is like looking into heaven; there is a reflection of purity, innocence and something so beautifully divine. It has often been said that ‘the eyes are the window to the Soul’.

This is so true as the eyes reveal all. We can discern or read quite easily when someone is sad, not well, angry, disappointed, has low self-esteem or are broken hearted, as the eyes reflect a darkness and have dullness in them.

When someone is full of life, joyful, confident and feeling great, there is often a sparkle in the eyes which reflects how they are feeling. To make a true connection with others, we use our eyes and often many find it difficult to do this because of low self-esteem or self-worth, feeling hurt or wanting to hide. Consequently, their eyes become evasive, not wanting to be seen for who they truly are.

This is evident today with young women in their teenage years, to adults, with the phenomenon of false eyelashes or lash extensions. Enhancing the eyes in the name of beauty has been used as a form of attraction since Egyptian times where kohl was used to make the eyes more alluring.

False eyelashes have been around in almost every decade in a much more subtle way than they are today, but the extremity of them is very telling today when women are not feeling truly comfortable with who they are. What used to be a ‘special occasion’ accessory is now worn to work, the gym and the supermarket.

Today lash extensions are being used to hide ‘the window to the soul’ and the innate beauty and delicacy of young women. The physical weight of the eyelashes weighs down the lids and does not allow for delicacy and in turn brings in a hardness and a level of protection; true connection to others is missing. Young women are not comfortable in their own bodies. They have an overwhelming need to add more to their appearance to be seen as attractive, yet there is little to no self-love evident. Most are starting to look like plastic dolls with the number of enhancements they are imposing on their bodies. Younger and younger women are having Botox injections to prevent lines before they have even started, and using fillers in areas of their faces to make themselves fulfill some image or other that they have been sold is ‘beautiful’. It is as if they are embalming themselves while they are alive.

Today the beauty industry is a huge multimillion-dollar business. The eyelash trade, once an occasional treat, is part of the beauty business phenomenon. The longer and thicker the eye lashes are, the more attractive one is told to think they are. To have lash extensions today takes about 2 hours, costs around $150 and lasts around three to four weeks. Not only is it expensive but it is fraught with the risk of having permanent injury to the eyes. A glue is used to attach individual lashes to your own eyelash and can be done in three levels of thickness – and most these days prefer the heaviest look.

What lengths will women go to, to have fluttering eyes in the name of beauty? Eyes they can barely open due to the sheer weight; eyes whose sight they are risking for a bizarre ideal.

Is it possible that these women could learn that there is a way to love who they are without feeling like they have to conform with the growing trends that are rife today? Women are bombarded constantly about how they should look on social media, by celebrities, fashion magazines and media. Body enhancements have gone to the next level with butt implants, breast enhancements and all manner of plastic surgery, so you may say what is the harm in false eyelashes? The root of the harm is the attitude to the body – it is just a thing to project an image – and the being is completely and utterly neglected in the pursuit of the image. What damage is being done to the eyes in the name of beauty and is it just the beginning of further enhancements, of which none will ever satisfy the quest for the beauty industry.

When does it stop and when will young women come to the realisation that they are already everything they need to be without having the need to alter their bodies in the name of beauty?

There is nothing more beautiful than looking into the eyes of a fully claimed young woman, who moves in the joy of knowing who she is. Fully connected to the being within, knowing the quality of her essence, which reflects the true beauty she is without perfection.

Eyes that sparkle with self-love and with a clarity that reveals the pathway to Heaven, no enhancements needed because no enhancement can give it.

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  • By Susan Evans, Diploma in Frontline Management and Advanced Diploma in Management

  • Photography: Michelle Foulser, Photographer BA Hons

    Michelle is a talented professional photographer working mainly in natural light. Her work is fresh and contemporary and focuses on capturing energetic quality as it unfolds and reflecting the depth and true beauty of her subject in a still Photograph.