‘Sexy Supermodels’ – the grace of a woman’s essence

Sexy Supermodels! See what true beauty on fire looks like…

‘Sexy Supermodels’ – the grace of a woman’s essence

In Sexy Supermodels – reflections of a woman’s true beauty we saw some photo shots of women who capture and show their essence or True Beauty behind their outer look. So in this piece on Sexy Supermodels, we decided to go a bit deeper in understanding what (like a fly in the ointment), gets in the way to spoil the absolute grace of a woman’s essence and her True Beauty from being, and being seen. Are you ready to ignite the depth of your true inner beauty as a woman?

OK, let’s consider for ourselves what the photos in the first article and here in the second actually capture, and equally whether any of the below 5 questions might prompt us towards a deeper reflection on the topic of Beauty:

  1. Does having ‘model-looks’ create complacency when it comes to a woman accessing and living with her simple, uncomplicated, true innate beauty?

  2. Are ‘good looks’ a distraction? And could they detract their possessor of beauty and also an admirer from otherwise connecting to the powerful deeper grace of beauty that lies within?

  3. Does a woman sabotage or neglect accessing her true inner beauty for the sake of how she looks externally? And if so, is this sabotaging what advertising, film and consumer industries continually and deliberately play on – fueling the belief that a woman’s outer beauty is the only beauty that matters?
    *The revenue of the U.S. cosmetic industry alone is estimated to amount to about 62.46 billion U.S. dollars in 2016[i]

  4. What would happen to these industries, their revenues and profits, if the focus on external beauty were given the boot and priority shifted towards the value of self-accessing true inner beauty through the way a life is lived – with love, deep care and respect – and not via perfecting the outer ‘look’? So . . .

  5. Is it possible that these industries, by focussing on external beauty, are taking advantage of an already existing void or hollow needy-ness created by women themselves in an attempt to hold back from accessing, enjoying and sharing their true power, abundant glory and the timeless beauty that is naturally within them?

As women, living with our full beauty ignited, as these photos below show, that gap of needy-ness closes – because we’re full of ourselves and know our worth from the inside out.

There is true power in this

Such a woman is dedicated to herself fully, not controlled by life and its advertising spin. True inner beauty is a connection with oneself – being connected to everything, to people and to life. It’s about being aligned to something far greater than the surface layer of physicality or a fashioned look.

Beauty – is the Sacred Divine Within

Realising and seeing the inner beauty in something is to acknowledge the existence of what we may feel as being sacred or connected with divinity… seeing beauty’s reflection in nature, waterfalls, the stars/skies, sentient life forms, a person, a moment, even a building. In all of these examples we effortlessly note the beauty we see and feel, and yet, isn’t it interesting that the only instance where we readily water down this beauty's sacred magnificence into needing it to come via a ‘single good look’, is in the human being, and most specifically, women?

So then, when we do see a ‘good-looking’ woman, or any woman, can we not all too easily completely miss the inner beauty, even divinity that is right there within her… dismissing that this woman may be reflecting the grace of beauty as equally as the night sky’s constellation of stars, or a captivating landscape we are in awe of?

Sexy Supermodel, or Divine Woman, which do we prefer?

Contained within us all is the same equal measure of a divine quality that is always there, innately present, and just waiting to be chosen and adored. This means that the grace of a woman’s essence and source of her true complete beauty is a reflection of the sacred divine that resides within her – activated.

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    Statistica - Revenue of the cosmetics industry in the US

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  • By Zofia Sharman, MA Communications Policy, BA Economics

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