A day in the life of a flight attendant

A day in the life of a flight attendant

Anna Douglas’ job is not your average 9-5 job by any means, working shift work – mostly in the confines of a tin capsule at 38,000ft! – for upwards of 14 hours a shift.

How she copes with the lack of sleep, different time zones, being away from home for long stretches, eating at weird times of the day and being at the beck and call of hundreds of people for the entire shift is revealed in this video.

The ‘how she does it’ is the direct result from choosing self care and implementing the principles as presented by Serge Benhayon through the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom. It didn’t happen overnight, but with Anna’s commitment and consistency, she has found the way to work steadily and with an immense joy, rarely seen by anyone in their working life.

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