The Gentle Breath Meditation®: caring for me at work

The Gentle Breath Meditation®: Caring for me at work

The Gentle Breath Meditation®: caring for me at work

Working as a nurse I am always on the go, so when I came across the Gentle Breath Meditation® I felt it could work for me, as it was practical and easy to use anywhere and anytime.

I am definitely not someone who would sit and ‘meditate’ for hours. In fact I would never meditate or do anything that was intended to help me be still and just be with myself.

After experiencing the [Gentle Breath Meditation®](/meditation/free "Gentle Breath Meditation®) I started to practise it twice a day for 10 minutes. For the first 6 months I would lay down to meditate, and I fell asleep instantly – how telling was this? I got to see how exhausted I was! It was great to acknowledge this, and was the first step to me realising that I hadn’t truly been taking care of myself.

Eventually it occurred to me that maybe if I sat up I might be able to stay awake during meditation ... which I did!

Once I had mastered staying awake when I did the Gentle Breath Meditation®, I began to practise it at work. At that time I was working in a very busy nursing home where things happened all the time, and you never knew what could happen next. I was stressed most of the time and literally run off my feet.

In this stressful situation at work I took the opportunity during a toilet break to collect myself for a moment. So I sat there for a few moments doing the Gentle Breath Meditation®.

I felt myself come back to a place within myself that was free of turmoil and this changed my perspective on everything, I could begin to see clearly what was happening.

When I returned to what was happening at work I felt completely different, I was much more able to deal with what was before me. It showed me that while the work situation was still the same, I was different.

I had connected to myself and was now unaffected by the stress of what was going on around me – and that made all the difference.

After that when things got frantic at work I would go into my gentle breath, reconnect to the steadiness that I now know I have within, and come back refreshed and renewed. And I can do this wherever I am.

Now my gentle breath is something that is always with me, and I am more able to be with myself no matter what is going on around me.

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Honesty and Gentle Breath Meditation

The Gentle Breath Meditation allows us to feel what is going on in our body and develop an honest relationship with ourselves.

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  • By Elizabeth Dolan, Registered Nurse, CRN | Winner of the 2015 NSW Health Excellence in Nursing and Consumer Appreciation Award

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