The state of our work today

The state of our work today (series this is no 1)

The state of our work today

Whatever work we do, wherever we work, and, whether we are employed, self-employed or voluntary, we all experience and observe many things about work in our daily lives.

'The state of our work today’ is a regular feature that reviews differing aspects of work that are affecting the joy and efficiency of work. For consideration and discussion in our first edition we cover hot topics of ‘health’, 'competition and corruption’, ‘identification’ and ‘reward’:


The way we currently work is harming us – mentally, emotionally and physically. Statistics show we are more exhausted, stressed and depressed than ever before.

The knock on effect for employees of such eroded health and well-being is creating a less than favourable outcome across every level:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Governmental
  • Economic

In spite of global profits, our working population is not working-well.

Is it possible there is an urgent need to address this world-wide endemic, and to bring us back to the truth about work? That is, that work has purpose, meaning, simplicity, joy and vitality until our last breath. In reality, this is far from our current experience.

77% of workers have a chronic health condition: depression, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma and heart attack, that is costing business $84 billion in lost productivity

Gallup, 2013

Competition and corruption

We ‘survive’ in such competitive, individualistic and profit-driven cultures that continually foster greed, corruption and abuse to the great detriment of us as workers and leaders.

The carelessness that has become ‘normal’ for us today is far from a way of working that truly values, enriches and benefits all equally.

Far beyond the carrots of financial reward and status that we are imprisoned by and identified with, is the natural us. Is it possible we have lost sight of who we truly are and the innate knowledge, wisdom and simplicity we bring to whatever work we do?


What if the things we do – our accomplishments, achievements and promotions – no matter how great or impressive, are actually not the point of work at all?

What if we have lost sight of what really matters – that is, that our work is great simply because of us, and that who we are is greater than anything we do?

For example, is it possible that the person at work makes a difference just by being there with their presence, as part of the team, bringing a quality of consistent steadiness, ease and openness that you can trust? And, that this one person can uplift the entire workplace far beyond anything they can achieve through their job title, position or role?


Why do we work? For money of course!

But dig a little deeper and in all of us there is the sense of having a reason to get up in the morning; to have purpose. Work is essential to human life.

But has our focus on money and reward distracted us away from enjoying work, and appreciating why ‘working’ truly matters? Have we in fact made work a prison to escape from, immerse ourselves in or avoid altogether?

Beyond any financial rewards or perceived freedom a job can offer, is the simple truth that essentially we enjoy being with people, interacting and working together, committed to a shared unified purpose with a daily rhythm that supports our health and well-being. Is this not a reward worth its weight in gold?

We invite you to consider – is there another way you can be at work?

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