Integrity in the midst of the house of lies... The Way of The Livingness

Integrity in the midst of the house of lies... The Way of The Livingness

Integrity in the midst of the house of lies... The Way of The Livingness

We have right under our noses – in the midst of a world in financial, political, and medical crisis – a most powerful example of a way of living, a Way that in its dedication to humanity and brotherhood, lays truth simply at our feet.

Why trash a group of people who have been willing to adjust their lifestyle to a responsible way of living healthily, and who are opting to become more, and not less aware in their daily living?

What person of sound mind and heart could possibly object to this?

Every individual that chooses The Way of The Livingness has made a choice to be willing to honestly review the way they themselves are conducting their lives: they are not pointing the finger outside of themselves to blame another, a system, or a government, but are looking at their own lives with a view to deepening their relationship with integrity, respect, love, and much more. This is an outstanding move to make in our current climate, as it goes against the predominating trend where we accept as ‘normal’ a lifestyle punctuated and propped up by caffeine, alcohol, and drugs, and all the abuse, stress, and fraught relationships that go with that.

We ourselves are the evidence of the way we live our lives, to be freely examined and observed by any person or organisation whenever they so please. In fact we welcome it.

This powerful evidence of a life lived in integrity can be clearly seen, and is the very thing that has been repeatedly and deliberately ignored and lied about by the media who chose to ignore the glowing and vital human beings right before their eyes in framing a story that bore no resemblance to the facts before them, instead adopting a picture initiated and manipulated by a couple of individuals with a vendetta. No one as yet has openly examined the lives of those who have chosen The Way of The Livingness, to observe the undeniable facts.

The philosophical, scientific, and religious way of The Way of The Livingness is dedicated to learning to act and speak truly in a world that is constructed of lies – layer upon layer of lies. Every day the deceit of our society’s way of life is being exposed via the media in regard to the political and financial corruption of tax havens and big business coercion of governments, and in the pandemic of paedophilia being exposed within the Church and Children’s Homes, and much more.

Senator Elizabeth Warren of the US has been systematically laying bare, to an unprecedented extent, the wall-to-Wall Street financial corruption of big corporations, banks, the United States Government, and the stock market, to the point that if Hillary Clinton takes on Senator Warren as Vice President, as has been projected, Wall Street will drop Clinton like a hot cake . . . Why? Because with Warren’s clear and consistent call for transparency, her revelation of the said rot and corruption, and her representation of and call for true and decent human values, the American House of Cards is being demolished before our eyes. The level of corruption we live in is common knowledge and can no longer be hidden.

Corruption and conflict are thought to be a normal way of carrying on. And yet the fact that there is a move, even within the media, to make known the extent and enormity of the lies we live with, means that we are all clearly aware that there is another way of living, a true way. We know this to our very bones. The question is – how do we live responsibly amidst such ubiquitous corruption, and what is our part in this?

What if we were to find that there are people all over the world, known or not known to each other, who are committed to raising their awareness and bringing back a truer way of being in the world, a way that considers the whole and that does not judge another?

Who are committed to speaking and communicating with each other in a way that comes from a true connection to the inner-heart, observing and considering what others are saying in a way that allows us to productively seek out and build on truth, rather than automatically defaulting to our well-worn argumentative, reactive, defensive, or persuasive and controlling dialogues – a mode that nearly always results in carnage and inevitably has a loser as the end result. This mode of interaction is largely based upon a false thought paradigm that we have been programmed with, practically from day one – the ‘right/wrong’ paradigm. This way of thinking, which is not our natural expansive way of thinking, has been taught to us, thrust upon us by our elders, who in turn have had it thrust upon them when they too were children.

And so it follows as the night does the day, that conflict will be the accepted way of being and relationship. The raising of our conscious awareness of what we ourselves are creating in our interactions, and in turn our bodies and surroundings, is crucial to the healing of corruption – from our small everyday corruption to the rot in the largest of organisations. We are corrupt the moment we step away from the expression of true intelligence based on Love and goodwill!

Choosing to be present and observational in our communication, rather than operating in an adversarial way, can lead to amazing revelation between people and it is possible to find that there is way more wisdom and intelligence inside us than we previously thought. A society which was built upon true, open communication would be utterly amazing – the level of stress, conflict and corruption would plummet and the amount of fun, fulfilment and joy would rise exponentially. Every loveless thought and emotion takes its toll on the physical body and, freed of this imposition, our health would prosper. Think of the energy that would be saved and be able to be harnessed. How then would our economy be? What then could we build?

Who of sound mind could possibly object to this?

History clearly shows that when a group of people opt to learn to live in a harmonious way and are willing to call out the charade we have been buying into, this sparks a sense of unease as the cracks begin to reveal themselves. We have allowed ourselves to be cocooned in the network of lies so long that we are comfortably or indeed, miserably, established in imagining this to be the way ‘life’ is. When the seismic shift is felt as the protective scaffolding that we have built comes ‘under threat’, huge resistance rises up.

And when a great teacher shares a divine love, respect, care, and truth with the world, there is a force that storm-troops in to ‘crucify’ the messengers, one way or another, whether on a wooden cross or on the journalistic rack of the press and Internet.

This force resists this great love because so much harmony, responsibility and joy is unbearable even for momentary contemplation to the persecutor in their present state. It happened with the Pythagoreans, it happened with the Library of Alexandria, it happened with Hypatia, it happened with Jesus, it happened with the Inquisition... and it is happening on the way to the forum of truth to this very day, as the puppets of involutionary force brutally and crassly try to sabotage the evolutionary presentation of the Ageless Wisdom in the new era.

History shows that there will always be those who slander, spread lies about, create smear campaigns, and conjure hate speech out of nothingness about everyday loving people. The disgusting and completely false, baseless power that those who do this are operating with is impotent, and while it appears to create short-term havoc, this insubstantial pageant is powerless, and it can never destroy the Ageless Wisdom, the love and living truth within the inner-most of every human heart.

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  • By Lyndy Summerhaze, PhD, BA (1st class hons; University medal) Dip.Mus.Ed, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

    Lyndy loves truth, people, and great conversation. She works as a tutor in English Literature and is a practitioner of the healing arts.

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