Book 1: Introducing The Body Life Skills Program – 3 Steps to Understanding & Changing Behaviour

A program that brings true behaviour change in all areas of life.

Book 1: Introducing The Body Life Skills Program – 3 Steps to Understanding & Changing Behaviour

The first book in this foundational trilogy explaining the steps of the Body Life Skills program (Body – Life – Skills) offers a simple, practical, user friendly and life-changing 3-step process that brings about lasting behaviour change.

L-a-s-t-i-n-g behaviour change, I hear you gasp?

Yes, l-a-s-t-i-n-g behaviour change is set to slowly and steadily replace the dismal statistics of ever-rising incidents in all industries and areas of life related to challenging and/or unwanted behaviour, mental health and psychological wellbeing – and that means in all of life and affecting all of us.

After all, we are in a world where we have more qualified professionals, more money going into research and more intellectual knowledge than ever before, yet the negative statistics are so far on the rise; this is something that does not make sense! What is going on?

The Body Life Skills program presents a series of books that will revolutionise Behaviour Change, psychological wellbeing and mental health for all those ready and willing to take an honest look at the current approach and appreciate that we need another way. Clearly, the way we do things at present and have done traditionally is not working.

When implemented simply and successfully, the Body Life Skills program brings about positive and lasting change for adults and children, families, groups, organisations, businesses and government departments, even in cases where all other attempts have failed.

This series is for those who are serious about
bringing true and lasting change.

The Body Life Skills program is suitable for anyone ready to understand and change unwanted behaviour used by oneself or any other person, right across the board and in all areas of life, from eating disorders to the legal system, to bullying at work and in the schoolyard, to violent and aggressive behaviour in foster care, in the family home and in relationships.

Body Life Skills is a program that has been evolving since Fabic was first initiated in February 2006. At the time I did not know it would become the program it has become today, but the seed was certainly planted many years ago. It has since grown with many clients, workshops and years of clinical and personal experience Australia-wide and internationally.

My support and interventions were based on simplifying the process of Functional Behaviour Assessment to provide accessible and useable tools that support lasting behaviour change in everyday settings and include, among many others, the Fabic Behaviour/Anxiety Scale and the I Choose Chart.

I have become known as the one practitioner people turn to when they have all but given up, tried everything and been everywhere – And let us not forget that for each individual affected by these increases, whether that be the person experiencing the unwanted or non-preferred behaviours, their families, carers, friends or colleagues, the consequences are without any doubt severely life-impacting.

After all: one person not living their potential is a financial and social burden to society as a whole, not considering the impacts on their own quality of life!

But – how many people are living to their full potential?

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  • By Tanya Curtis, Author, Behavioural Specialist, Assoc Dip Ed. (Child Care), BHlthSci. (BehMgt), MBehMgt, MCoun

    Tanya is dedicated to supporting people to understand and change their unwanted behaviours and live their full potential. Tanya’s deep care and love of people shines through all of the initiative she dedicates herself to.

  • Photography: Hemma Kearney