A well used cookbook that started a journey of discovering who I am.

Looking at the cover of my copy of Bridging Foods, it most certainly doesn't look clean and new!

Eggs have been dribbled on it, there are miniature pieces of parsley stuck to a few pages, with a smear or two of avocado dressing the corners.

But it feels so loved and cared for.

It is a cookbook that has nurtured me, my family, my friends and my colleagues as I stepped into a journey of discovering who I am, what my body needs and how to truly care for myself and others; a book I could never part with, no matter how tattered it becomes!

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  • By Suzanne Anderssen, B.Com, Dip Av

    Keeping my sense of fun alive while living a purposeful life is key to my own well-being. Spending time with farm animals, my job in aviation, long walks at sunrise, reading the purple books, and spinach and blueberry smoothies seem to help too.

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