The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy – A Treatise on Energetic Truth

The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy – A Treatise on Energetic Truth

The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy – A Treatise on Energetic Truth

Generally, a sutra has been defined as being associated with a certain religion and the word ‘hierarchy’ has come to mean that there is a ranking amongst human beings where we are classed to be at different levels in importance, status, wealth or lack of it, education, and any other distinguishing and divisive measure one cares to name.

The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy do away with all these ideas and tenets. The word sutra is taken back to its original meaning where it is a text outside all and any man-made religions as they stand today. The book comprises 20 texts that were originally released one by one to a live audience at monthly or bi-monthly presentations hosted by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in 2007 and 2008. When these sutras or texts were first presented, each one of them earthed truths and or revelations that are a testimony to our Divine origins, the origin of every man, woman and child on earth.

And yes, you read correctly – we are each one of us of Divine origin and that is what constitutes our true equality and the foundation of the brotherhood we could easily and effortlessly live if we but delved below the surface noise and distractions and connected to who we truly are: a Divine being in a physical body that made a choice to incarnate and have a human existence.

And as such, these sutras do not really take the reader or student anywhere and they don’t even deliver anything that we all don’t already know deep down – but may have chosen to put aside and live oblivious to. And therefore, this collection of sutras does not and cannot really add anything to what and who we already are but undermines, chips away and pulls the carpet out from underneath all the ideals, beliefs and opinions we adopt and cling to in order to be defined and individualised in the many ways the human mind comes up with.

These teachings speak to and resonate with our inner-heart where everything that is presented here is already known and just needs to be connected to. And thus, the sutras serve by helping dissolve what is in the way that stops us from connecting to who we really are and then letting that inform and shape the way we live human life as individuals and as a one humanity.

And who are the Hierarchy, you may ask?

The Hierarchy are a group of fellow human beings who have lived many incarnations (just like us), seen through the illusion of it all (unlike most of us) and have returned to who they (and we) truly are – of Divine origin. The only difference being that they are not in physical form but serve humanity from another dimension, the Soul plane. They are available and accessible via the connection to the inner-heart where everything is already known, even if at first it might seem unfamiliar or even strange to the human mind.

To become a master, or a member of the Hierarchy, means becoming a master of yourself – so that you can live life as your true self, and not as a puppet to a set of expectations, ideals and beliefs that dictate how to act, think and be --- the master knows how to be him or herself all the time, which is the true, Divine self we all naturally are, if we strip all those external ‘should be, should do, should say’ ideals and beliefs away. Hence, a master is never a master-over, only ever a master of themselves. The Hierarchy have walked their way out of being bound and are now in endless service to others so we too can reawaken and be who we truly are, in equalness to them.

These sutras serve to do away with the many hindrances and reawaken and reinstate this connection so each one of us may have the chance to reclaim our true nature and live that truth, and live from that truth, in daily life.

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The true meaning of hierarchy

The true meaning of the word hierarchy is very beautiful and not what you might expect!

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The simplicity of the Divine

Life is very, very simple when you connect to your essence and live from there; versus intellectualising life and coming from the mental approach which brings in complexity and all the mess that comes with that.

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