Unimedpedia Essence will present that there is a true essence and a false essence and how it is essential (pun intended) to know the difference.

Often what or who we think we are is not really who we are at all, but a composition of ideals and beliefs that we have been fed and consumed. We might consider ourselves or others to be a nice person, an angry person, an exuberant or introverted person, happy or miserable, angry, good, successful and so on and so forth, but none of us are at essence any of these things.

We identify ourselves by feelings and beliefs that are most familiar to us and no one else and then further separate from the truth by thinking that at our deepest essence we are different to everyone else, which we are not!

"The 'true essence' or what is referred to as the 'original essence' is known as the pure love of God. "

Serge Benhayon The Way It Is, p 72

In truth we ALL carry the same Divine qualities of the Soul within. The qualities of the Soul are Love, Truth, Harmony, Joy and Stillness. Clearly we do not all consistently express or live these qualities and many of us would even go as far as to deny that we are Divine as we have become so identified with our hurts and all that we are not, that we cannot see nor feel the light we truly are beneath these shrouds of pain.

Regardless of whether we acknowledge this light or not, it never gets switched off because it is our essence.

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Your true essence

There is a false essence and a true essence. Meeting each other from our true essence is beautiful.

From the origins of the word we can learn that the word Essence comes from the French word ‘essence’, via the Latin word essentia meaning ‘beingness’. In turn, the word essentia derives from the Latin verb ‘esse’ which simply means ‘to be, to exist’. In Ancient Greek, the word Essence was ‘ousia’ which, like in Latin, was used with the meaning of ‘being’ or ‘I am, I exist’; it was also referred to as ‘the what is was to be’ or, more simply, ‘the what is’. Also in Sanskrit and in many other Proto-Indo-European languages, the word essence related to the same notion of beingness or to a quality that simply ‘is’.

From this it can be seen that across different languages, cultures and times, from ancient to modern, the word Essence stands to indicate the very ‘Beingness’ of anything which exists and is. More precisely, it indicates the very intrinsic and invariable nature or quality of something without which that thing would not exist, for without essence, there is only emptiness.

"When the essence is lost over time, there is a need to look for it. This need is forever the impulse of the 'separated one', since the life-giving source is the essence itself. We can indulge for a while away from our truth, but after a while that truth will be sought again. Is this not the aching seed of grief that is deep within every knowing and unknowing seeker of truth? What determines how quickly one returns to that original truth, is how truth-full one is prepared to be."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 183

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Knowing your essence

This is one of our favourite talks. It goes to the root of so many issues and covers the essentials of knowing and connecting to your true self.

In our essence is found a connection to all things, a deep knowing that we are all intrinsically linked by something beyond the body but very much in the body, that works through its every particle. In our inner-heart is found the very immanent, animating principle or substance of everything. It is known as ‘the spark of God’ or the ‘Divine spark’ that is the inherent Divinity equally existing within every human being. Every cell of our body sings with this quality, but often we are deaf to this song, choosing instead to listen to the ‘self’ that we have created and imagined, in separation to this symphony. Out of essence, we sense the ‘loss’ of the music we cannot hear, even though it is still there and in this grief we go in search of that which we have disconnected to.

Even in this separation, our language still reflects this inner knowing, for we say things such as ‘let’s get to the heart of the matter’, which simply means: let us go straight for the essence that resides within every human being, deep within our inner-heart. The place that is unable to be tainted or touched by anything less than the love that we are, for in truth, all of our hurt resides on the heart and never in it (Serge Benhayon). It may well be difficult to fathom, but the purity of our Essence remains forever untouched by anything happening outside of it. Even the most horrendous intention, thought, act, torment, suffering and ordeal cannot scar the absolute purity of our love, and even though layers of hurt can come to settle over this, our essence remains always and forever the spark of God, held deep within.

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Our essence is not touched by ordeals

Our true essence is always pure and never touched by even the worst imaginable abuse and ordeals. Connecting to our true essence in our body brings about great healing.

Our essence is NOT our spirit and so it is extremely misleading to use the word ‘spirit’, as many dictionaries do, as a synonym for ‘essence’. Our spirit is a fragment of the whole that is the Soul - our love and our light - and in separation to this, we, as spirits, relentlessly oppose everything that our true Essence is. That is: we fight Love, we deny Truth, we resist Stillness, we counteract Harmony and we will never know true Joy if we choose to stay in separation to our Soul.

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Is your true essence spirit or Soul?

Developing a relationship with your true, inner-most essence.

And so we create a ‘false essence’, by believing the stream of images that we are constantly being fed about who we are. We get comfortable with these and learn to identify with; the ‘martyr’, the ‘housewife’, the celebrity, the ‘good son’, the ‘rich person’, the ‘poor person’, the ‘charitable’ person, the ‘successful’ person and so on and so on as well as whatever emotion dominates most frequently through our behaviours, be it sadness, happiness, bitterness, anger etc. We then take all of this and say that it is who we are and that these labels describe our essence, when really, these labels serve to keep us separate to our essence. For example, if we come to believe that our essence is sadness, then we do not have to take responsibility to heal that sadness and express the love that naturally emanates beneath it. Similarly, if we come to believe that our essence is anger, then, we can further avoid being the tender, sensitive and loving beings that we all are. The same goes for being nice, polite, good and charitable, for if we are any or all of these, then we never have to look deeper as to why we need to aspire to ‘do good’ rather than ‘be true’.

It was Shakespeare that posed the ultimate question about our essence to humanity: ‘to be or not to be?’ He is asking us whether we choose the false world of social constructs we have created OR we choose to just be, and by just being, surpass all that is not true and hence is not love, in the world. Shakespeare’s protagonist Hamlet is asking every human being across the ages, the ultimate question - in fact, the only question that we as humans truly face:

To be or not to be of our true essence?

Or we could say: To be or not be love? That is the question. The choice is always ours.

We are more than the sum total of all our hurts and supposed faults, failings and personality traits. For what we have in essence, is far greater than what has been put in place to stop us living it.

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Greatest hurt

Could it be that our greatest hurt is our choice to leave ourselves?

So why choose to be what is not love and what is not the true us? If our greatest hurt is our choice to leave ourselves (Serge Benhayon) then how come it is so uncomfortable to be the ‘real us’? How come we prefer to hold onto the sadness, the anger, the all that we are not, rather than being the joy, the love, the truth and the all that we are?

What is it that stands in the way of our ability to live from our true Essence, if that is who we already are?

What stands in the way are all the personas, the roles, the titles and the identities we have chosen to become that are not in any way part of our true Essence. They are that which we have sold out to and identified with and hence ‘become’, but they are not the expression of the immensity that we are. They are a vastly reduced picture of who we think we are, that seeks to impose and thus stake claim on who we truly are.

What further cements ‘that which we are not’, is having deeply invested in everything these things bring, that is: recognition, validation, acknowledgement, accolades, status and the like. None of that is instructed by the Light and the Love of our Essence but rather by a force that opposes love that we have long and comfortably allowed to run our lives. This we have done to avoid healing our deepest hurt and taking responsibility for having chosen to be ‘all that we are not’. It is the relief offered to mask the pain we each feel when we have forsaken our love, our light, our truth.

When we are able to live from the inside – out, we are able to liberate ourselves from being moulded and shaped by all that seeks to impose on us from the outside – in.


“Know who you are, and by virtue of that, you will know who you are not

"The more you choose to breathe your own breath, the more you will know your essence."

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 246

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Standing in the way of your essence

Find out what is so amazing about living in your essence, what gets in the way and what to do about that.

"To return to the essence of your whole body, as all children naturally are, and not just the governance from your mind, is in itself an enrichment that is well worth taking, whatever steps are required to do so."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 550

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"The Gentle Breath is an energetic bridge that takes one into their centre. That centre, then becomes the centredness. When this is achieved the voice of the silence begins to be heard. It speaks first with pure silence, and then, that silence is heard as a sound. That 'sound' becomes the voice of the silence and it speaks spherically the way of life and thus the way of the world as it truly is. The inner-most energetically knows essence to be a unit that constellates itself with the whole and therefore, it can not ever be a fragment, for it knows itself to NOT BE a fragment, but a unit that emanates and thus represents the whole. We, as an individual, and as many individuals, are THAT WHOLE – ALL OF THE TIME – forget this not!"

Serge Benhayon The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy, p 181

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