Books that support every single day, even a lifetime on a desert island.

These books are my rock and my inspiration. I turn to them almost every evening and morning, sometimes reading a few pages, sometimes just a few words because when I am reading pure truth, a few words is all I need.

Amongst the distractions, hooks, emotions, ideals and complications that life can throw at me, to be able to simply open a book and immediately (and it is literally that immediate) be brought back to myself, to the truth, to the bigger picture, is an incredible gift.

They are my life rafts and lighthouses.

Within each book is more gold than you can possibly ever imagine. What’s more you can read them over and over again and each time get a totally different level of teaching, inspiration and support from them. All for the price of one book –– a total bargain!

In the UK we have a radio show called Desert Island Discs in which the interviewees are asked what one single book they would take to a desert island. Guests on the show often agonise and vex over this decision, but for me this is the easiest choice in the world – there is enough treasure in any one of Serge Benhayon’s books to support me for a whole lifetime on a desert island!

On whatever day, at whatever moment and to whatever page I open any single one of his books, I find exactly what is needed at that exact moment to support me to see more, be more, feel more and love more.

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  • By Otto Bathurst, Film Director

    Committed to re-discovering and re-connecting to the tenderness, fragility and humility that are the strengths that make a true man.