Books which resonate with truth and wisdom through a reader’s whole body

Whichever book I read with its unmistakable purple cover, there is a resonance felt deeply within my body of the truth that is already known, which is nothing to do with understanding it in my head.

Sometimes there is a sense of tension felt in my chest as the truth, so simply stated, that is known but not lived, is exposed in a few words of wisdom in these purple-coloured books, and there is nowhere to hide and pretend that I don’t know.

Other times a sense of expansion and a spaciousness are felt within my body as there is no resistance to the truth inscribed on the pages of these books.

There are times when I try to read them like any other book, and understand them from my mind – which is impossible to do.

These books hold an energetic quality of truth, a quality that cannot be discerned through the mind and intelligence, however hard you try – only from being open to the possibility of a knowing-ness from within.

In my experience, the quality of energy that these books are written in is held in every word and on every page – this can be felt even by simply holding any one of these purple-coloured books between my hands and just stopping to feel the energy as it begins to move through the hands, up the arms and into the torso. It is vital and alive and restorative. The body resonates and responds to truth and is drawn back to a naturally harmonious state of being.

The works by Serge Benhayon and The Hierarchy are books to be read many times over: there is always a sense of never having read them before as they are delivering in a multi-layered way.

If I had to be stranded on a desert island, just one purple book would be the best companion as it would nourish me for a very long time, consistently revealing its wisdom as they all do to those open to listen to what is there to rediscover.

Quite simply – I love these purple-coloured books and the inner enrichment they bring.

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  • By Stephanie Stevenson, Esoteric Yoga presenter, Esoteric Modalities Practitioner, EPA Recognised

    Complementary Practitioner of Universal Medicine Modalities. Presenter of Esoteric Yoga and True Wellbeing sessions. Local Hospice Volunteer, as part of the Complementary Practitioner team.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd