Books that present understanding, wisdom and universal intelligence.

The purple books bring a loving and divine intelligence to life….

When I read the words written by Serge Benhayon and The Hierarchy in this series of books, I can feel my whole body saying yes to what is being presented – yes to the harmlessness, the understanding, the deep wisdom, the universal intelligence that knows who we are and where we have come from and to where we will one day return.

Each time I read a passage from one of these books I find that my perspective on life has changed, and this affects how I then move through life and how I respond to it. And the greatest overall sense that I get is one of returning to a harmony that already is within, which makes me feel incredibly humble about the grandness we live in as a part of our everyday lives. And it is this grandness which I have come to understand as the Divine Love of God.

There is no greater way to spend my time than to sit with one of these books, because each time I stand up again and start to move around once more, life has changed through their words, The Hierarchy have changed my perspective. A perspective which is forever coming back to a very humble sense of what it is to love with love in intelligence.

It is God’s love, which is Love in Intelligence that is contained within these books.

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  • By Shami

  • Photography: Matt Paul