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My name is Peggy Verheijen and I live in Europe. I work as a teacher and a supervisor of children with disabilities. Since 2011, I am a student of Universal Medicine.

One day I met a friend who I haven’t see for longer time. She looked so good and her eyes were so open and shining. I really had to look at her, and it was clear that she was feeling great. She shared with me about her sessions with a practitioner from Universal Medicine. Instantly I knew that I would also go to that practitioner at some time. This was my first meeting with one of the modalities that come from Universal Medicine.

I had attended different courses in the field of the spiritual healing world to learn more about myself, and from a hunger to understand myself and the world. I had always been skeptical with some reservation about it, and my body became more restless with it. After attending one course there was a pressure that I had to do more; to push myself in a certain way or to practise rituals with the aim to become better. I knew for sure that there must be something that offers more ease and simplicity.

With this critical look I had my first sessions with a practitioner. I had an arrogant attitude because I already had done some work in self-development. I started to read some books of Serge Benhayon, the founder of Universal Medicine. It was difficult to read them, but inside of me there was a response that what he offers was truth and really made sense. I was wondering, who was this guy? How was it possible that one man had the ability to start something on the other side of the world that would then be known and become available here, over this way? I met more people who attended courses by Universal Medicine, and again I saw the sparkling in their eyes and in their movements.

Every year Serge comes to the UK to present the courses and I knew I had to meet him in person. I met a man who wasn’t standing there like the picture I had of a presenter, a teacher, a guru, a better knowing person, a more intelligent one, someone who wants to be seen or the idea I had of a friendly, pleasing person – none of this.

He showed me an equality with everybody in the room, all of the time.

He was presenting without judgment, criticism or opinions, without ideals and beliefs, not trying to convince and without any kind of manipulation. My body responded to this very clearly and everything inside of me said ‘Yes’.

Presenting from the Livingness - Serge Benhayon

This was a confirmation that there is something that offers real settlement, stillness and joy. In his presentations, courses and books he never tells us what we have to do or not. It’s only an offering and then it’s our choice what we do with it. If there is resistance or reaction, that is fine: he will not try to convince, put anybody down, manipulate, ignore or disapprove of us. There is always an equality that holds us for what we truly are.

For me Serge is a real inspiration to see how life truly should be. It’s not because of the courses or his books, but because he is living it all, every day, with every person, all of the time. Like 2 + 2 = 4, he shows an absoluteness in the body, in his way of living. It’s not something that he wanted to keep for himself. I also see his whole family living it, a life full of joy, harmony and love.

And it extends further to all people who are inspired by The Way of The Livingness.

On this website you will find articles written by all kinds of people for all of us. I like to read them because they are so relatable and accessible. Just like the presentations of Serge, they are presenting to show us that our quality of life can change.

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  • By Peggy Verheijen

  • Photography: Cameron Martin, Video and Photography