Books that don’t ask me to be different

From reading as a distraction, to books that offer truth and  revelation

Books that don’t ask me to be different

I used to read a lot of books. I loved reading and could easily read four books during a holiday.

I had an average of eight books next to my bed, all waiting to be read. A lot of the books that I read were spiritual books, all about finding myself, how to have a better life and how to become a better version of myself.

Once Universal Medicine crossed my path and I started doing the healing courses, something changed. I realised that for me reading so many books, and in particular the spiritual ones, was a great distraction from actually dealing with some personal issues. The books were a way to check out, to not be in the moment, and with that I was avoiding what I was feeling. Slowly, slowly, I started to read less and less, putting away my books and realising how freeing this felt.

Then I began to read a book by Serge Benhayon and this was a completely new experience.

This had nothing to do with checking out, because I was invited to a truth that I had never before experienced. The book did not ask me to be different nor did it impose anything on me. There are no emotions in it from the author, which is very unique, and I can read a small passage and just take that into my day, sometimes for days to come.

Reading Serge Benhayon’s books is a revelation, where truth is offered with so much love.

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  • By Mariette Reineke

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