The inner-heart – your key to connecting with who you truly are

The Inner-Heart – your key to connecting with who you truly are.

The inner-heart – your key to connecting with who you truly are

Are we willing to see that we are so much more than our physical bodies?

Yes we have a heart, which we often connect to, but we also have an inner-heart – deeper than the heart – right down deep in our inner-most, and this is a place of exquisite stillness and the spark of the magnificence that we actually come from. For we are far more than the physical – far, far more.

If you look into a baby’s eyes – you know one of those babies where they just seem to sparkle – you are looking at the Divine spark within us all, coming out. Young children are often the same – they freely let that spark come out in life. It is in their sheer joy at everything they discover, all their play, and all they do. Life is not about what they do – it is about the fun and joy they have expressing who they are, in what they do.

All of this comes from the inner-most, or the inner-heart.

"The inner-most is the esoteric or ‘inner-heart’ and it is this that is developed so that the physical human being knows he and she are more than just their bodies, but that the reality of one’s body is vital in the way it is used to bring forth the Divine expressions of the inner-heart in all that we do, say and think and thus to all we interact with."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations - A New Study for Mankind, p 571

The inner-heart is the doorway into our true nature – our true qualities – which are actually harmony, joy, stillness and love.

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