These books are an offer to surrender into what we already are.

Reading Serge Benhayon’s books opens me to a portal of wisdom that resides and resonates within me, opening myself to the truth I’ve always known. So when I read the words that come from there I’m confirmed in the completion of what I feel.

Reading Serge’s books is like coming back to point zero where there’s no goal to achieve, but endless depth to surrender into. The books clear the adversity of ignorance and name every detail of the game we all play without compromising the truth we all feel equally. They serve globally and individually and even the individual can feel the books are talking to them directly, in that precise instant of their life.

You don’t read the same book twice as every sentence has been universally written and contains much more than words that come from afar, interweaving multidimensional wisdom that doesn’t belong to time. Understanding is not needed, as what is expressed comes directly to your body and realisations are instantly received, seeding much more to come in the movement of what has been delivered.

Connecting with this content is like bathing myself in very restoring waters that ignite within.

It’s literally like coming home, like reading my own words … and they are mine and everyone’s, as there can’t be ownership in the words that are of God. They restore what can’t ever but be, and with that I recover my true stature, the dignity of my presence, the authority of my movements. That’s the power of confirmation. We re-claim what we already are, simply so.

Something that I love doing is reading these books aloud, activating the vibration on offer through my voice. I love the resonance of it in my cells and observe how my body responds. Openness, receptivity, deepening, response, awareness, emanation and purpose, all in One.

When I close the book, nothing ends, but continues in a different form. The restoration and activation are felt and come with me to the next movement, bringing purity (and wholeness) to my whole life.

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  • By Amparo Lorente Chafer, Special Needs Educator, BSW, Social Educator, MMT, Esoteric Practitioner.

    A woman with a heartfelt dedication towards education, who deeply enjoys every opportunity to learn and be inspired by children. Music plays an important part in her life.