Is it time for us to take responsibility for space and how we use it?

How are we using our space? Are we respecting our space with integrity, responsibility and respect or in disregard and taking it for granted?

Do I see space not within me or around me but outside of me, in the sky in some faraway place out there in the universe that cannot be felt or touched but is the figment of my imagination from what I have been told or learned about everything relating to space in affiliation with astronauts, rockets, black holes, darkness, exploration, aliens, divine universe, dark force or forces, the unknown and so on?

Reading Serge Benhayon’s book ‘Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space’ I am reminded that I have always had a relationship with space, ever since I was a small child.

As a small child I would go to the vacant small house that we had on our farm and spend hours playing in my space that felt loving and safe by placing things in each room and cleaning.

I would always love coming back to my pretend home to change things around, cleaning and re-imprinting the spaces; I could always feel something deep within me, a joy in what that brought each time.

When I would go back home, I could feel the difference of how the family home felt and I would feel an unease in my body.

Understanding Space at another level

  • As I sit in our apartment and look out of my window, I receive the wisdom of space and in that space is the all of what we choose to live in, the energy that we breathe, move in and occupy.
  • I look around me and feel and I see things around me that I have placed in a space that I do not own but a space to use with responsibility.
  • I come to the realisation that it is not what I own or the material things I have in my home, it is the way I have chosen to use the space that God has provided and the way I move in it wherever I go.
  • In this realisation there is a deeper knowing and wisdom that what I have been given in life, is not what I own but the energy and space that I have chosen to occupy, with the responsibility and integrity and the choice of Free Will.
  • In this free will I am the one that chooses the space and energy that I occupy, in living the way and how space is used and what I apply to it that will support me in that space.

So how do I use space, how do I move in it? Do I use space with respect, healing, responsibility, integrity, love, harmony and joy that it deserves OR abuse, harm, disrespect, dishonour, clutter, litter?

We never seem to consider space as our responsibility, as we come from the thought process of taking things for granted and feeling that we own everything, yet “we come into this world with nothing, and we leave this world with nothing” but space.

Hence, we do not own a thing but are the Care-takers of the All?

It is our energetic responsibility to imprint and move in the divine quality, bringing beauty and love and to not abuse self and others.

Space is given to express through our choices to live and evolve in movement as we are the movers of energy; movement that either evolves us in expanding in the rhythm of the vibration Or movement that harms and affects the all (by contaminating and contracting in the heaviness of energy within us and our space).

Do we need to look at our space in the All and how are we using space everywhere: in our homes, work, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities, offices, age care, clinics, dental practices, doctors clinics, retail outlets and observe the divine truth of what is truly going on in the way we are living in our space and how we treat our space and take care of it.

"To create and fill space is to create what does not belong to our future and to Co-create it or rather, to Co-create in and with it, is to produce an occupancy that will assist us on our evolution back to who we truly are."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, ed 1, p 69

The sacredness of Space

I look at space and know deep within how sacred space is and the way I use space is with great respect and responsibility in the choices I make from my breath to the way I move with my body. I love working with space as it shows me the Magic of God.

I now have a deeper understanding about energy and space for it is all that I am. With the best of my ability I ensure the way I live and take care of space is to keep order and bring attention to detail in the way I place things, clean, re-imprint, treat, respect and move with the honouring it deserves. I am space within and without, all part of the one universal love and light of space, bringing awareness to the vibration and rhythm of the cycles and allowing space to show me where I am with the All of what I bring in the quality of all that I am.

My everyday living experience with Space

Through my deeper awareness with space it shows me in my work of cleaning and de-cluttering the movement of how I am constantly using space in everything I do.

I have a beautiful reflection of when I am in the rhythm of the energy of the space. I can feel how there is a flow of order and detail and in that I can feel the vibrational pull of the divine love to be more.

And –

When I am not in the rhythm of the energy in the space it exposes any abuse that I might have allowed because I am not bringing the all of what is needed in the clearing of space to support the All.

And –

I stop to reconnect to my body and breath in, re-imprinting the energy flow back to the divine order of space.

And thus, in my everyday learning I take the opportunities to live everything as a whole and not in parts of life, knowing that everything comes from energy and the divine universal space of the divine plan of evolution.

Serge Benhayon has been a great inspiration and reflection of divine love of the All, in everything he writes, presents and explains; a way that is not imposing but brings the wisdom, joy, harmony, love and light, divine truth in everything as a whole so that nothing can be dismissed or overridden but is taken as what connects with your soul and body.

Thank you, Serge – in appreciation of all that you are and bring as you have changed my life in so many ways.

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  • By Kathy Avram, Company Director and Home & Space Clearing Professional

    Background in building and running hotels for the tourism industry and a life-long and naturally innate superb ability to bring detail and order to re-awaken the simplicity of how to clean, clear and create space for all involved and beyond.

  • Photography: Rebecca W., UK, Photographer

    I am a tender and sensitive woman who is inspired by the playfulness of children and the beauty of nature. I love photographing people and capturing magical and joyful moments on my camera.