There is more to the voice than meets the ears

There is more to the Voice than meets the ears –

There is more to the voice than meets the ears

Our voice is not only a useful tool to get a message across, to call to our kids from far away, ‘stop . . . it’s unsafe,’ or sing sweet lullabies to our babies for sleep, the voice is also a most amazing tool of expression – and if we feel and listen closely enough, the makeup of sound frequencies within the voice reveals our personal make-up – reflecting everything we are and everything we do.

Our voice indicates the stress levels that we hold, as our ‘tone’ of voice reflects our internal condition; how we are physically and emotionally.

If we tune into what is happening within our body as it receives sound frequencies, we can experience that there is actually far more to the voice than meets the ears.

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How spoken tones affect us

We are all very sensitive to the tone in a voice. We can recognise when someone speaks to us in a loving way or not and this can leave a lasting impact.

Our Body – The Receiver

Our body is a receiver of information from the world around it. As a mass of cells, nerves and connective tissue, the body is one massively sensitive organic construction that feels and registers everything; it understands energetic signals, as it is itself made up of energy. We know this because science tells us so, and we can also feel and experience energy moving through our body in different and very tangible ways, but have we considered what this actually means for us in very real day-to-day terms?

Imagine being aware of and being able to understand all that the body actually receives naturally. Animals in the wild know and sense everything as they receive messages through hearing, sight and smell – as do we.

Animals detect the frequencies offered in sound and respond accordingly – their body tells them. We, as human beings, known as the more intelligent species, also have a natural intelligent clairsentience built into our cells ... BUT we also have the power of choice to disregard anything that we sense and feel, anything that we don't like or don’t want to acknowledge – animals don’t do this. Their ability to know what to eat and to move to higher ground way before a tsunami hits, are just two examples of many that could be mentioned.

We tend to disregard the natural inbuilt ability we have, that is already there in our physiology and that lets us know everything that is occurring – from impending danger, to "I actually don’t need to eat another mouthful", or "The words he said may have sounded good, but there was not a speck of truth in them."

We as human beings can override whatever senses we choose.

We can tell in an instant the frequency make-up of a produced sound, what it is doing – and the intended effect it has upon our body . . . but how often, and to what extent, do we admit this to ourselves?

  • Are we ready to acknowledge that we have the most amazing and sensitive receiver right here with us? ... Our body.
  • Science shows us that we are indeed that, but are we ready to accept and appreciate this as a living reality in our daily life?

Why do we separate ourselves from this science?

  • Does this mean that we walk around every day ignoring all the invaluable information that our body is picking up about our interactions with others, what is really coming at us when people speak, or how that music really feels?
  • Do we unwittingly absorb and allow these things to affect us when we are actually quite able to be aware and observe what is happening around us?

What an amazing barometer the body is and can be. As we tune up, nurture and care for ourselves, and then listen – start to truly listen – we can become much more aware of what is affecting us, and our wellbeing.

We can dull our body and mind with a way of being and living that we know isn't great or right for us our natural sensitivity and clairsentience.

If we re-sensitise ourselves and use the incredible barometer that is the body, our natural ability to identify the quality, intention and message that sound frequency actually delivers – not only in the tone of voice but also in music – will speak louder than the voice or music itself. We will no longer be fooled by sweet sounding words or beguiling music.

The words people say, the music we play, all puts out an energy, a certain frequency, that once discerned, we have the choice to accept in our life – or not. But this choice can only happen when we start to honour the amazing receiver we really are, open up our inner ears, and begin to feel all there is to be felt.

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter

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