An Open Letter to Humanity by Serge Benhayon is like a friend, who accompanies me in life

The book An Open Letter to Humanity has become like a friend to me who accompanies me through daily life.

The book looks at life from different angles. It opens our eyes so that we are able to see life’s difficulties, but also life’s miracles.

I love reading it on a daily basis, as it is an invitation to see life from a wider perspective. The content encourages me to expand and deepen what I experience in daily life as well as to understand life on a more profound level.

An Open Letter to Humanity offers moments where I can see more clearly what is going on in society and in my own life and it provides an opportunity to stop and ponder on the choices that I have made in life so far.

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  • By Kerstin Salzer, Physiotherapist

    Living with my daughter and husband close to Stuttgart, Germany. I enjoy nature and love to make walks in the beautiful countryside. I like singing, dancing and supporting people to move gently.