Space – where we all equally come from

We evolve through our use of space and the quality of space we put out.

Space – where we all equally come from

Only after coming to the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon – and especially his book ‘Space’ in the trilogy ‘Time, Space and all of us’ – have I come to a deep appreciation for all that these teachings offer Humanity, especially at this crucial time in our development.

It has helped me realise that there exists an endless reservoir of wisdom that we are literally surrounded by and that passes through us. That ‘space’ has nothing to do with emptiness but is in fact the energy and essence of God that is in between and within all the particles that make up our bodies and the body of the Universe. It is in moments of stillness that we can feel and connect to that Divine energy and take into our consciousness what it has to offer.

This amazing book helped me to understand how not only does the vibrational quality of the space around us (which could also be referred to as the emanation and beholding love of God) have a direct effect on our state of being, but that ALL OF US have the ability to directly affect the quality of that space surrounding us via even the most subtle movements of our body. In other words, if we move, speak and even think in a very gentle, tender, understanding and loving manner, others can feel this by way of the space being expanded around them.

In Book 2 – ‘Space’, by Serge Benhayon, there is a quote that I came to after ‘randomly’ opening the book:

"Whatever was given birth will return to what gave it birth."

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 2 – Space, ed 1, p 557

Within this powerful statement is contained the basis of what evolution truly is about... the expansion of our consciousness, returning in a way that matches the vibration of what gave it birth... God.

Now, coming to this page was actually quite amazing to me, as I had made a comment on a blog on this very topic just minutes before this, stating that I felt how we all know deep down what space truly is because we in fact come from the foundation of space itself, and that perhaps we have not allowed ourselves to feel this due to the pain of knowing we have deviated from the connection with God and the Universe that it is constantly offering us. One could view this as a coincidence, but what this book has shown me is that in fact, I was tapping into the same multidimensional wisdom... Space... that was the source of the quote in the book and opening to that very page was a confirming reflection of that.

This multi-faceted diamond of a book has shown me it is our birthright to know and feel from our inner hearts that where we come from is so much more vast and unfathomably glorious than any notion of space one may deem from a NASA mission or Star Trek movie. In fact, Book 2 – Space has been an incredible confirmation of something I held an intuition about for some time now – that we hold so much emphasis on the importance of physical objects in a way that discounts the ‘space’ between them as if it was a void, but in reality that space is full of an energy that not only carries with it all the intelligence of the Universe, but it also permeates physical matter itself, thereby allowing us to have the opportunity to feel and learn from that information flowing through our bodies.

While reading this book I could start to feel the immense love that God has for humanity. No matter how far we have strayed from our originally harmonious and joyfully true way of being, the space He provides continues to cascade upon us with his limitless love and understanding.

The empowering thing about all this is that with this knowledge we can finally appreciate just how powerful we all are, in that even without saying a word we can change the energy of a whole room – or even a whole planet – by the amount of love that we hold for ourselves and humanity, which emanates out and allows others to feel that they too are made of and originate from that same place of pure Divine love that I now know, thanks to Serge Benhayon, is actually space itself.

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  • By Michael Goodhart, Licensed Aircraft Technician, BA- Psychology

    A lover of people and the ceaseless reflections of Divinity in Nature. I enjoy the philosophy of Universal Life whilst living in a way that constantly reminds me of our own true origins: the stars.