Quantum Mechanics – the science of absolute connection

Quantum Mechanics – the science of absolute connection

Quantum Mechanics – the science of absolute connection

Quantum Mechanics states that the Universe is made up of space filled with fields of vibration, interconnected, unified and in constant communication, where distance and time are of no consequence; where one end of the Universe moves connected and in relationship to the other end and everything in between is a grand movement or dance held in space. In truth then, our lives and indeed everything in the entire universe are not only all connected, but absolutely so, with no separation.

At the core of Quantum Mechanics is an absolutely simple experiment called the ‘double slit experiment’. This describes the nature and mechanics of the building blocks of the world we live in, the atomic world. The double-slit experiment illustrates how we, through our observation of objects, actually affect those objects or outcomes. It exposes the process of how we uphold a world, or so-called reality, that holds us back from connecting to a far grander truth and the all that we are part of.

A great reflection of this is found in our oceans. Just as waves in the ocean travel endlessly, reflecting off the shore and each other, vibrations move as waves, never truly ending; they simply interact and transform with each other and objects. Objects themselves are simply vibrations of a denser frequency. Since everything is vibration, then everything is formed by vibration and hence there is no individuality, only interconnectedness that evolves and expands by its own interaction with its grand self.

How does this science relate to our modern understanding of the atom?

We tend to think of atoms as being individual solid particles, and although we comprehend them as moving and interacting with each other, do we also appreciate that they themselves are simply vibrations held in space? In this universe of space and vibration, an atomic or subatomic particle has no permanence of position – it doesn’t exist in one place, but rather as a probability wave that shows the likelihood of a particle being present or not present in a given space. Such a particle unobserved could be anywhere or everywhere in the universe. Does this seem like fantasy, science fiction, or some far-fetched theory? It is actually how particles and waves are; it is scientific truth, it is what we observe on an atomic level. This is the Universe we live in.

“There is no them.
There is only all of us.”

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 3 – all of us, ed 1

We gaze outwardly to the stars and inwardly to the atom, still seeking to measure it all in three-dimensions, which is in direct contrast to what we know the nature of the multi-dimensional Universe to be. This desire to measure and see everything in terms of our three-dimensional world allows a sleight of hand that reduces or collapses, or squashes, what is unified vibration or waves into what it is not – i.e., a particle that behaves as an individual solid, separate from the vast interconnectedness of vibration. And these particles are the building blocks of what we call matter, which we have observed to be separate from each other.

This is not true of course, but simply an illusion, as we know atoms are 99.99...% space, and space is filled with vibration. Even if it has become densified it is still just vibration and still very much connected to all other vibration, whether we like it or not.

We have this perception or need to unify, to come together, however in truth we are already all unified as one, and in this oneness we cannot help but be connected to everything else – such are the mechanics of vibration in space, our universe. Connecting to our oneness comes from a surrender to our multi-dimensional state, as it has been there all along. Whenever we try to unify ourselves, or anything in life, we are actually coming from a point of separateness, and we only ever achieve separateness from this.

In our desire to make sense of the world we seek to create and recreate everything to fit into the image of the material world that we uphold to be. We create the illusion that the world is made up of particles, and we use this to reinforce the notion of the individual. Therefore, it can be said quite clearly that there is no such thing as the individual, and therefore there is no such thing as the ‘I think’. By identifying purely as physical beings, have we disconnected from that which we truly are?

If we are only open to the physical reality with our separate identities, our gaze comes from that individuality and seeks separateness.

Quantum Mechanics simply describes the truth of our Universe.

If we say that it is only describing the atomic-world, are we denying the fact that all our chemistry is bound by the laws of quantum mechanics? This includes all biology, our bodies, the planet and all the stars. QM is not merely a theory, it is the basis of every aspect of life right down to the most practical, it is in fact a very practical science. Without these laws of quantum-physics we would not have mobile phones, GPS, laser, LED screens, MRI scanners, all our computer technology and communication media.

How did our modern-day science become separated into a myriad of very separate parts, often ignoring each other and the truths presented by one another? Quantum Mechanics naturally is central to all of science for it offers absolute truth to how all matter and energy in all sciences relate and interact. Yet the vast majority within the so-called ‘science’ field know very little of Quantum Mechanics. The very foundation of modern ‘evidence-based-science’ is flawed when a basic understanding of Quantum Mechanics is applied, for the ‘evidence’ is always affected by the observer.

We are actually living as a reduced or collapsed version of what we are, gazing with eyes that are blinkered from the truth: we are not individuals as such but rather inextricably connected to everyone and everything – just as every particle in the universe is connected to every other particle.

If we choose to see and recognise individuality we are creating and recreating that illusion, a corruption of the truth, simply a lie. The truth is that our Universe, as the name implies, is one song, or one unified vibration where nothing happens by itself. There is no such thing as individualisation – we cannot be separate from anything, everything is everything, the one is the all, a great oneness.

Our responsibility as scientists, as we all are, is to open our being to our world of space, a space filled with vibration constantly communicating with itself. And to know: I am that I am.

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