Never ever have I read any books like the purple books

Philosophy, science and religion – a universal understanding of life.

Never ever have I read any books like the purple books

Never ever have I read any books like the purple books by Serge Benhayon, and that is because you don’t actually read them, you live with them, and they live on in you.

Yes, you go through the physical act of reading a page, chapter, sentence, connecting to and feeling aspects of what is written, yet something grander is taking place whilst you are present with the books. What you are reading informs your living, there is no separation: you cannot read these books without what they are presenting permeating every aspect, fabric and cellular memory of your life, and that is because the books encompass philosophy, science and religion – in other words, a universal understanding of life. Once you have read a paragraph and expanded in your awareness, you can’t ‘un-know’ what you have just ‘known’.

Hence, what you read lives on inside of you, forever coming to the surface when you revisit and re-encounter life experiences that pertain to the teachings, or as a reminder of how you have shifted in your thinking and that you can no longer go back to a reduced way of seeing and feeling life.

These books have been a tool to come back to myself when I have gone ‘off page’ and lost ‘me’; they have been a means of true and profound healing. To clarify, when you read them you have to surrender – you cannot read them with a view to try and get something from them, gain knowledge or fix yourself; they won’t make any sense in that context. However, if I surrender to the process of the many levels of learning that they offer, I have found that these teachings shine a beacon of light on my living day to day, making visible and deconstructing the unhealthy habits, stubborn behaviours, negative thought patterns and repetitive emotional cycles that are not the real me, just lessons awaiting to be activated into healing.

From this, realisation moments explode from within, clarity is unmistakeable and an inner inspiration ignites to re-join my true path once again, accepting of the fact that I had just strayed away from my love, and the responsibility of living that known truth.

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  • By Gabrielle Caplice, Sacred Esoteric Healing Practitioner and Relationship Counsellor

    Gabe loves working with, connecting to, and understanding people. Together with her life partner Annette Baker, learning all there is to uncover about love and relationships is her life's work.