This is a perpetual inheritance, to be passed down through the generations

‘An Open Letter to Humanity’ – a testimonial by Beverley Croft

This is a perpetual inheritance, to be passed down through the generations

When the postman knocked on my door to give me a parcel, close to Christmas, I did not know what it was as I had several items expected.

But when he handed me the parcel I instantly knew what it was. At that point, I felt the enormous love that was in the parcel – it was incredible. In it was An Open Letter to Humanity by Serge Benhayon (and the Hierarchy).

The book itself does not fail to deliver that love. Serge has said it as he knows it. He describes the way the world is living at the moment, and has been since the beginning of mankind. He helps us see the mess mankind is living in, with its terrible lovelessness, murder, rape, genocide, corruption, shocking inequities and widespread deep unhappiness. It is amazing that mankind has survived so long.

Serge helps us understand the reasons behind the way we are living, and, if we are willing to seriously consider the possibility that as well as the well-known quote from Einstein that “everything is energy”, the corollary MUST be that “and therefore everything is because of energy”.

That of course would mean that everything that happens is because of energy.

From that could come the realisation that we must take responsibility for everything that we do (including saying, thinking, etc). Not too many of us are ready yet to take that huge responsibility.

There is no holding back in this book; it will not be for everyone for not everyone will be ready yet to consider the amazing possibilities it offers. But for those looking for answers to life’s big questions, then here is the book for them to look at. Of course, it is up to them to consider for themselves whether they feel this book to be a work of truth or not.

This book deserves to be a perpetual inheritance within families, to be passed down through the generations to be read and possibly accepted and acted upon as those inheriting are ready to read it.

If humanity continues to live the way that it does at the moment, then the coming corrections in the world may be a stimulus for more and more to be willing to look at the possibilities set out in this book.

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  • By Beverley Croft, B.A. (Sociology)

    A shining example of the fact that it is never too late to change how one is living, to a life of amazing love and joy.