The Gentle Breath Meditation®: a tool for life

The Gentle Breath Meditation®: a tool for life

The Gentle Breath Meditation®: a tool for life

Meditation, and the Gentle Breath Meditation® in particular, is not designed to be a fix for the effects of what is going on in our lives, to supplement what is missing or something to escape with. It is not a solution.

In-truth, meditation is simply a technique – a practical tool for taking a moment to check in with yourself.

Meditation assists to:

  • reconnect to your body and to you
  • create a marker that can be returned to
  • develop a quality that can be lived

The Gentle Breath Meditation® provides you with a marker, a true reference point for exactly how you are feeling - and an invaluable opportunity to reconnect to a place within that (in all of us) remains forever unaffected by what life can deliver; free from the stress, drive, exhaustion or anxiety that we all too often live with.

"Meditation is a tool to re-connect. Meditation is taking time out to re-connect."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 509

In practising the Gentle Breath Meditation®, you get to feel the fact that all of the stuff that goes on in life, and everything you do, is actually not who you are – through developing the gentle quality of the breath and re-connecting to the fact that you do have a stillness within.
Reminding you that you can simply BE, and that this stillness is deeply restful, rejuvenating and spacious.

But what about life?

For many of us, the moment we open our eyes and get up from meditating, or possibly even before that, life (the life we created … yep that one) is right there waiting for us – ready to kick back into motion, to propel us far far away from what we have just experienced in meditation. "Oh no I need to meditate again!" you may think, but the activity of life is calling – life is there to be lived!

  • Getting relief or escaping with meditation is not enough, it is not the solution to the stresses and pressures of life.
  • The last thing we need is another pattern of motion and the escape from it through meditation – never really getting anywhere, just acquiring yet another thing to depend on and to do.

What we really want is to feel connected, gentle or even a deep stillness – in the activity of our daily life.

"It is a very, very simple technique that one can choose to do, that is, choose to breathe gently, truly gently and not soft or slow, at the tip of their nose. Only the gentle breath can detach the world of constant motion and thus bridge one into the living world of the stillness and eventually – into the world of the LIVING STILLNESS."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 1, p 726

Can that be possible - feeling spacious and still whilst dealing with the demands of life?

Could it be possible to live life like meditation – connected deeply to who you are and to life at the same time?

YES it is possible, it’s more than possible; it’s happening today and it’s very simple. Right now there are people doing exactly that, living meditation in activity!

But how?

The many spheres of this website offer insights and tools for building the connection experienced in the Gentle Breath Meditation® into all aspects of life, developing a quality of Article not found where the activity of life comes first from the connection and innate stillness of YOU.

Choose where you feel to start and begin to develop your inner-most connection in your daily life in the simplest of ways.

You might like to start with Self Care, Exercise or Work. Check out the home page and explore what’s on offer.

Enjoy the development of living the real you – and using the Gentle Breath Meditation® as a technique to support that.

You are worth it!

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