The Way of Initiation – a testimonial by Matts Josefsson

When it comes to the books and writings of Serge Benhayon there isn’t enough that could be shared, because everything is glorious droplets if not outpourings from Heaven: still there are at times words that touch me even more, and this is but one example, a quote from The Master Jesus, taken from the book The Way of Initiation.

"Man longeth for the true intent of God to unfold unto him the seed that transpires all the suffering away and truly unfolds to the Son the given wings to once again fly and reach that point of truth where man stands before the throne and recognises that seat as his own. There, ‘the angel of the presence’ will naturally proceed through heaven’s door and unite with Thy Father’s light in full resurrection. Behold, I am with you and beside you through ‘the way’."

~ The Master Jesus From The Way of Initiation

Isn’t this what we are all yearning for – to reach that point where we know ourselves as carriers of the kingdom we once were seeking outside of ourselves? The holding of these lines is just amazing and can only be appreciated in full when they are felt. And felt they are by me.

Thank you Serge for delivering truth to humanity!

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  • By Matts Josefsson