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"The energy of love, which is a very specific form and quality of vibration, will indeed restore our accessibility to omnipotent levels of wisdom and intelligence."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 264

Ten years ago I would have doubted this statement, having observed for all my life what a corrupt mess so-called 'love' has become in our human world.

It seemed that only through my mind and intellect could I come anywhere close to higher levels of wisdom and intelligence.

Now I know differently, from my own felt and lived experience.

That statement from the book sums up very well one of the greatest gifts I have been given by Serge Benhayon and all the dedicated ones who have gone before: an understanding of what true love is.

And the understanding that true love is, indeed, the way to the highest form of wisdom and intelligence.

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    By Dianne Trussell , BSc(Hons); 17 years in medical and biological research, co-author of 12 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

    Science is the love of my life, and for me it confirms Divine beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. I’ve always felt science to be one with philosophy, religion, art, and music, part of the oneness I feel with everything.

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    Photography: Clayton Lloyd

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