"The highest form of intelligence is love"

Love is the highest form of intelligence

"The highest form of intelligence is love"

If we asked people “What is intelligence?” we would probably get a number of answers or a combination of answers along the lines of: the ability to recall information; the ability to store and put to use information and knowledge; to be of a quick mind; to be able to solve complex problems; to be canny or quick witted; to have higher than average powers of reasoning; to be persuasive and so on.

What if intelligence was none of these, or at the very least, the above characteristics were secondary to something much more important?

"Love is the Highest Form of Intelligence."

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 287

Consider some of the greatest problems of this world:

  • Serious conflict in many regions of Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa
  • That despite all the great advancements of the medical world heart disease is still the # 1 killer for premature deaths and that dementia, depression, diabetes and many forms of cancer continue to escalate well beyond population growth or population ageing factors
  • Corruption is rife everywhere – in politics, in the food industry, in the media. In some parts of the world it is a way of life
  • The environment is stressed and the oceans are depleting
  • Most relationships are fraught

Why, if we are so intelligent, can we not embrace love into all that we are and do? And why is it that the collective intelligence of our very best thinkers, over many centuries, have failed to address these problems and in some cases (like health and well-being) the problems are getting exponentially worse?

Could it be because Love is lacking in everything we do?

What goes wrong with most relationships is that the initial attraction gives way to a power struggle in which we hurt each other and then these hurts get in the way of our developing a deeper, truly loving connection.

"The quality of a relationship is the measure of True Intelligence. Consider that the highest form of intelligence is Love."

Serge Benhayon

How so?

Love is mostly misunderstood probably because authors and movie script writers use the word in a way that does not truly mean what it should and Mankind has been indoctrinated to use this most important of words in frivolous and hollow ways. The word "Love" is often used in conversations without sufficient gravitas, without knowing what love really is and without true expression.

To know love one needs to be super aware and respectful. How many relationships do you know that portray awareness and respect as cornerstone to a foundation of love?

And when one thinks of relationships, consider going beyond the traditional view of one on one living together relationships – consider:

Do you know of a consistent level of respect and awareness in any of those relationships?

True Love is without qualification and is always evolving

"One would surely expect that our developed intelligence would have found a way to achieve worldwide harmony after thousands of years of wars, killings and religious and politically led upheaval. It is clear that the current type of intelligence has failed us."

Serge Benhayon

So when we experience Israel and Palestine (as one example of many) locked in decades of conflict that no amount of “intelligence” has been able to resolve, then what?

What if the leaders of the conflicted parts of the world understood that love is the highest form of intelligence and applied all their efforts to loving the Souls seated at the other side of the table?

What progress then?

What if they looked through the shields and facades they and respective opponents put up and accepted that they are both Souls of equal standing?

Everyone in this world craves intimacy yet it is so often that those who deeply bury their vulnerability and desire for intimacy, are the ones who end up presiding over positions of influence and leadership. How can the negotiations have a chance when one important party is disconnected from the very thing he/she craves most – love? Yet that craving is so buried that love is not even on their radar.

It matters not whether this is a matter of world peace at stake or whether it is the relationship between two individuals who are living together. The principles are the same.

We have sometimes seen love as something that is difficult to commit to, because centuries of separating away from understanding love has left most people a long way away from being love. We have ignored what love truly is and find it challenging to re-connect to because we have focussed on ‘protecting’ ourselves against getting hurt. We need to come back to a true expression of love.

Love has no doing. This we struggle with because we love “doing”. Love beholds us while we do nothing. There is nothing greater and more soothing than someone expressing heartfelt intimacy and love.

That is why the highest form of intelligence is love

  • One cannot be corrupt if one loves humanity
  • One cannot produce and market ill foods if one loves one’s customers
  • One cannot deface Mother Earth if one loves all animals, including humanity
  • One cannot facilitate heart disease if one loves fellow man
  • One cannot truly educate if the essence of education is not about love

If our world leaders embraced love this would be a very different world.

If the food corporations had “love” as their mission statement, the world would be a very different place.

If individuals in relationship expressed and lived love all the time the results would be phenomenal, not only on that relationship directly but on their offspring and in their close knit communities.

What is wonderful is that to 'Be Love' and 'To Be Loving' is not that difficult. To attain the highest level of intelligence is easy – we just need to start by embracing our vulnerability, removing the layers of protection or defence and to recognise that all other people are equal Souls in our evolution.

What makes loving difficult is many centuries of embedded behaviour that have been anything but love.

The alternative is abuse of some sort – self-abuse, abuse of others, abuse of process, abuse of power, abuse of position, abuse of feeling better than, and, abuse of the philosophy of love

When we wake up to knowing that Love is the highest form of intelligence we can start to solve all that affects us. When we start making choices to accept all people as living Souls, to serve mankind and to live love in everything we do – then we will transform this world.

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