Daily readings that offer amazing revelations about the lessons  presented daily.

Every night for the past three or four years I have read one quote from Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume 1 by Serge Benhayon, and have now introduced Volume 2 to this nightly routine.

Whenever I pause, I take a moment to ask myself "what was today’s lesson?" Never ever have the page I open to and the saying that I read not been relevant to the day.

Sometimes during my day I would have a line or a saying return to me in support of the situation at hand; sometimes a saying is repeated over the course of the week or I return to it once again. Parts that didn’t make sense now do and another part of the saying jumps out and gets my attention. Others help me to see a struggle or situation with greater clarity or to approach life from another angle. Others provide a heads up or a reminder to be aware of the fact that there is more to life going on than I may be choosing to believe.

Basically these two books support me to not remain unaware to what I do know is going on in life and provides the space for me to consider and understand life deeper.

And as if to confirm I open up Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, Volume II, ed 1, p 70:

"With regard to and about the science that certain vested interests call the ‘science’ of today:
Though profit and viability are needed, it should not be gained by the narrowing of anything, for when we narrow, we reduce the all into the tiny part we need to be right whatever we need it to be right for, in complete ignorance and or in overriding supremacy of what the part actually is, what it does and how it plays out in the all it belongs to. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, Volume II, ed 1, p 70

To me I can so relate this to life for when I narrow my perception on what it means to be successful in life then I feel pressured into a box and lose sight of all that is glorious about myself. Self-appreciation goes out of the window and I feel weighted down in life.

In being connected to my Soul I see the space open up for me to express in and where I can serve in the world through being a part of life and not withdrawing from my place in the whole that I am a part of.

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