Don’t wait to be told. Discover for yourself what food your body likes and what food it doesn’t.

I have been reading a lot of articles lately on food and why we are getting fatter as a human race. It’s a topic I have been interested in since I began making some choices that led to me losing about half my body weight over the past few years ... and to question what we get told about food.

Initially I began to feel how food affected me from day to day. I knew that what I was eating was giving me stomach cramps, belly-fat and bloating, so I decided to cut some things out to see how it went.

The results were impressive in terms of how I felt (awesome) and what happened to my body (also awesome).

Some of the choices I made went against what I had been told and educated about food. For example:

  • "Bread is a staple and part of a balanced diet" ... yet bread gave me diarrhoea, bloating, cramps and candida.
  • "Alcohol is a socially acceptable part of life" ... yet it gave me lower back pain, nausea and a sense of not being me at all – this would last for a day or more after I had drunk it.
  • "Milk, cheese and dairy are the building blocks for the body" ... yet it made my nose drip constantly, gave me tinnitus and yet more diarrhoea.
  • "Chocolate is a treat we can give ourselves for working hard and being good" ... after the initial 3 minute rush, it made me feel like I didn’t have a body at all – I was just numbed out and so happy to be numb! How was that a treat?
  • "Fruit is a part of a healthy diet" ... yet I had diarrhoea and a more powerful sugar rush than I had from chocolate.
  • "Rice, corn, potatoes, pasta and other carbs are necessary to keep us going through the day, they stop us falling asleep mid afternoon" ... yet we know they rapidly turn to sugar in the bloodstream and will guarantee to make us sleepy by 3pm – they also gave me a sugar rush, bloating and diarrhoea.

These experiences made me realise that what we are told about eating a healthy diet is not necessarily the truth!

I invested so much of me in following what the world was telling me what I should do, be, eat and drink to be considered ‘normal’, well and healthy. I wanted to get things right and ignored 'me' inside and any connection with what I felt within and ‘followed’ the world instead.

When I started to connect with myself and my gentle breath, I started to feel again and slowly but surely developed a connection with myself that allowed me to experiment with choosing what felt right for me to eat

I started to live from the inside out

There's no perfection in this, sometimes we get it wrong, but that’s okay too, it’s a learning process we can allow for ourselves. In this process we can:

Feel what’s right for us first and not let our mouth run away with its demands for instant gratification

Instead of automatically taking on what we get told about food, we can learn to stop and feel and then decide what to eat that feels like it supports us to be no less than our amazing, truly healthy self.

Facts on Food

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