The College Of Universal Medicine: A World First Volunteer Model

The charity of the College of Universal Medicine (CoUm) is run on an entirely volunteer model – everyone taking part is freely donating their time and expertise to build what is an extraordinary undertaking. No one is paid – or expecting to be paid.

This is a world first in the not-for-profit sector and an example of true charity.

What’s more, everyone contributing already has very full lives, working full time, many in highly paid jobs, so everything has had to fit in around, and be done on top of other commitments. To sustain this has required an enormous amount of vitality and commitment – and a way of living that could actually keep up this kind of commitment, without ending in burn-out.

If you check out the faces of the presenters, on the home page of the College’s website , you’ll see the vitality that is there.

This sort of true vitality can’t be put on – it is a reflection of the way we live.

People were inspired to contribute, drawing on their skills and experience for the set up – administration, course development, legalities etc. – from their own impulse of what they could see was needed for humanity. It was people coming forward and carrying a particular section of the set up as a leading impulse, with everyone supporting them in whatever way was needed, and then someone else would come forward and bring the next piece, building on the foundation that had been laid by what came before.

It was group work in a way that can only come from a group dedicated to living from their inner-most and, from what you can see from the College of Universal Medicine website, it is absolutely unique in its offering to the world. And yet, we all know that it is only the start of what’s possible – so watch this space!

Mixed with all of this, the inspiring thing about the College of Universal Medicine has been the knowing that what we each have to bring to the world is very needed – and that by not holding back what we can bring, we all make the difference that is needed for humanity to evolve as a whole.

This idea ran very deeply through the course development process. People saw the courses as a means by which they could take back to the community what they had received through the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and what they had made their own based on the way of living, their Livingness – that they had built, combined with their life experience in all their different fields of work and activity.

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