The College Of Universal Medicine

In about 2012, a group of us set up a charity, The College of Universal Medicine with the idea that we would run extended courses on topics that were of everyday concern to the wider community, drawing in a very immediate yet highly accessible and very relevant way on the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and the way of living that it entails.

The idea was that the courses would address the questions and dilemmas that confront society today from the perspective of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, presented in a very real, down to earth and practical way, with the feeling that the courses would resonate with people even if they’d never heard of the Ageless Wisdom or were drawn to this sort of thing.

We responded to what we saw out there in the world:

  • exhaustion

  • depression

  • obesity even in kids

  • stress levels through the roof

  • deep-rooted discontent

  • given-up-ness throughout all aspects of society

  • teen substance abuse (continuing through adulthood)

  • pornography addiction even in primary school

  • plus disease and illness rates rising higher and higher –

It all paints a not-too-good health card for humanity as a whole. And, having turned our own lives around, and seeing how simple a life of true responsibility and community-purpose can be, we commenced our way of Giving Back.

Setting up the charity, in retrospect, reflected a whole new level of commitment from all of us, at every level. It was an opportunity for people to take their commitment to self-care to a whole new level and and to look beyond what we were learning for ourselves. The next step was to take an active part in presenting what we had learned to the world.

Many students for a long time understood that what they had received from the Ageless Wisdom teachings was for everyone, and it was not only for their personal benefit. They had developed a way of living that now was actually solid enough to offer it to a world that is clearly looking for a new way.

In short, we have learned that if we want the world to change, then we need to live that way ourselves - to be a living example of what we have learned.

With the advent of the College of Universal Medicine there is now an outlet or focus to share simple, practical and very real tools with those in humanity looking for a different way to live.

Read more about how we run the college – A world first volunteer model

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