What does it mean to treasure ourselves?

If someone had asked me when I was younger if I treasured myself, I wouldn’t have known how to reply. Not because I don’t understand the question, but I would have struggled to apply the question to me in the context of my relationship with my body.

If truth be told, I treated myself very badly; I was pretty entrenched in self-loathing and disregard of myself. I never felt my body ‘looked’ the way I wanted it to, based on the pictures I had as to how I thought I should look to feel beautiful.

So, what changed? I have learnt that loving and appreciating myself is a choice, nurturing and taking care of myself is a choice, one that flowed very naturally when I chose to re-connect with me and allow myself to feel how incredibly beautiful I actually am.

It’s a real tragedy that so many women find it very challenging to deeply appreciate how exquisite they truly are, as did I.

Having an Esoteric Breast Massage allowed me to deepen this connection with myself and feel a level of sacredness that I’d never felt before. It’s a very intimate experience and I feel it’s the vulnerability in that intimacy that offers us the opportunity to deepen and claim back a level of preciousness that may have been forgotten.

I’d like to share with you what I wrote after an Esoteric Breast Massage – it was a very profound experience.

This morning I got to feel how extraordinarily precious I am; never before have I felt something so deeply and absolutely, it literally brought tears to my eyes. I received an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), which I have had many times before, but this time it was different.

Whilst the massage techniques seem very simple, the enormous power this heaven-sent modality offers was deeply felt throughout my whole body. After my practitioner worked on my lymphatics, both of my breasts felt quite engorged, something I’ve not felt since I was breastfeeding over 16 years ago. It was an opportunity for me to consider what I was allowing myself to take on in my day-to-day life that was then being stored, energetically, in my breasts. As the EBM continued, I felt a heavy sadness in my right breast, from an understanding that I wasn’t fully honouring the very precious woman that I am in the way I was choosing to live. In my left breast, initially I felt the abuse from living in this way – then, in letting go of any judgment, everything changed.

I felt the absolute preciousness of who I am, my sacredness and my divine expression, throughout my whole body. I was soaring in the clouds, in another place, time, dimension even, I could feel the strength and magnificence in my connection to all of who I am … it was incredible. To be honest, it feels very restrictive to now try and use words in sharing the expansiveness of all that I felt.

Throughout the whole session I allowed myself to surrender in my body; by that I mean allowing myself to physically let go of any tension or holding (my resistance to let go) and connect more deeply within, to the essence of who I am. When any thoughts came into my mind or I became aware I was tensing my knees, I acknowledged what I was feeling, but brought my focus back to my body as a whole and ‘let go’ of any control. In this surrender, I allowed myself to feel the expansiveness of all that I am, without allowing any individual aspects of my body to dominate what I was feeling, thereby pulling me away from the divinity being shared with me through my Soul.

When the treatment was over, the tears came as I felt, accepted and understood how I’d been stifling the glory of who I truly am for such a very long time.

My hands felt clumsy and unprepared for the simple task of removing the tissue from over my eyes, which my practitioner had lovingly left for me to take off when I was ready. I have never shown such deep care and consideration for the whole of me as I tentatively lifted that tissue from my eyes. I couldn’t have treasured myself more.

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  • By Alison Pearson

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