What is Chakra-puncture?

Chakra-puncture is a complementary healing modality that is based on the Science of the Nadis (the Science of our living energetic cells), that consists of needles applied very lightly to the skin in specific patterns on the body that serve the purpose of restoring energetic harmonious balance and order to the energetic state of being and, as experienced by many, to all the physiology of the body.

Through Esoteric Chakra-puncture, many people have experienced life-changing benefits and this healing has been a base for creating long-term change, leading to consistent and sustainable wellbeing.

Each needle, when applied correctly, both technically and from a place of true inner connection and whole-body-mindedness, activates each Nadi (energetic cell) to restore its own natural essence and return to its natural spherical emanating quality.

This quality is known as Fire. It is an energetic quality that resides within the centre of each Nadi (energetic cell) and, when in full activation, is the quality that restores the body back to true harmonious equilibrium, both energetically and physiologically.

This modality is based on a living science, and thus holds many levels and aspects of knowledge and wisdom that are forever evolving and specific to each client that this modality is applied to. In other words, in its practical application, it holds no set way or structure, and hence, restoring balance to a client’s body will always be a fresh approach, as it should be, and no single person is placed in a box of ideology.

It is easy to liken this modality to the use of needles in other therapies such as acupuncture and dry needling performed by some physiotherapists and musculoskeletal therapists. That said, this is not acupuncture or dry needling and there are NO traditional acupuncture points used. No adherence, use or reference to Traditional Chinese or Japanese Medicine Philosophy or Theories are used in the practice of Chakra-puncture.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture uses very soft needles that are tube delivered, that are too soft to insert without a protective safety sheath. The needles are only inserted at a depth of about 0.2 to 0.4mm. The depth of insertion is very, very slight and the manner of insertion is very gentle with only a light touch needed.

There is no moxibustion (burning of the herb mugwort), electronic stimulation of needles (electro-acupuncture), ion pumping cords (a Japanese acupuncture technique) or any other acupuncture techniques.

Chakra-puncture allows a person to experience a surrendering and stillness, an emanation in their physical body and their energetic being. Through this, they come to feel for themselves the possibilities of living a life based on inner-vitality, rather than mere functioning from A to B. It is known by its clients to be a re-boosting and re-balancing modality that restores a fullness and thus life and vitality back into the body and state of being.

During a Chakra-puncture treatment there is a deep inner connection to self felt by the client, and what is not of this same quality of self-connection, or what is disharmonious in the body, is transmuted and or energetically pushed out by the re-calibrating of their body back to a more harmonious state.

This is the profound healing that Chakra-puncture offers as it returns a client to their natural inner essence, supporting them to discard the stressors and hurts of life that cap their vitality and fullness of expression.

The profound healing and life changes that Chakra-puncture has brought to many thousands over the years are in truth immeasurable. For many, world-wide, Chakra-puncture is not only a technique that supports in times of illness but an extremely powerful healing modality that re-ignites a whole-body vitality, and supports a lightness in all that is naturally felt from within.

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What is healing?

Healing is not about curing or removing symptoms and nobody can heal you. It is about you being open to letting go of what does not belong to you.

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