Universal Medicine therapies and the Chakra-puncture modality.

About 15 years ago I commenced having regular acupuncture with two different acupuncture practitioners in Queensland, where I was living at the time.

I had been in a phase of life for a few years prior where I was trying different alternative remedies of a wide variety – osteopathy, kinesiology, sound therapy, naturopathy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), massage therapy and so on. My ultimate aim was to have a vital, energetic and emotionally stable body (and life). I was exercising regularly, had an extraordinary diet (or so I thought) and was committed to working on my emotional health and wellbeing.

The reason I started using acupuncture was that I wanted to fall pregnant and had been having difficulty doing so. I was in my late 30’s and the doctors and surgeons I had seen were telling me there was little chance of falling pregnant at my age. My own research into ‘natural’ ways to fall pregnant (for whatever reason I wasn’t interested in the IVF path) led me to acupuncture. In hindsight I had also been using the many complementary and conventional treatments as part of a (never-ending) search for feeling better about myself.

Looking back with the grace of the proverbial rear view mirror I can see my desire for a pregnancy was really part of an overall drive to simply feel good about myself, and to feel worth something. I wanted purpose in my life, to know that it all meant something, and at that stage having a child was seemingly the only way to achieve that.

Over a two-year period I had regular acupuncture sessions, usually weekly or fortnightly. One of the practitioners I saw who specialized in fertility was nearly a 2-hour drive away, but I was determined to “get better” and made the commitment willingly.

My recollection of some of the sessions was an intense desire for the session to be over. One particular appointment I remember lying on a massage table in a large room with dividers separating me and the other clients. I could hear the practitioner chatting with other practitioners. I was there for what seemed like forever, with an absolute desperation to get the needles out of my body so I could get out of there. It was clear the practitioner had left me on my own and there was an unspoken understanding that all he had to do was put the needles in and let them do the work. It was as if he was not part of the process, nor was there any care needed for me – I never went back.

It occurs to me now that my driving need for acupuncture (and the other modalities) was simply for my life to be ‘better’.

I wanted the acupuncture sessions to somehow magically fix my body and the state it was in after nearly 40 years of life. It also occurs to me that the practitioners also held this paradigm of ‘the practitioner will fix me’.

A few years later, in my early 40s, I met Serge Benhayon and began attending workshops with the Universal Medicine organisation. I also commenced having Sacred Esoteric Healing sessions, and within a short period of time I was (to my great surprise) actually feeling better!

I could see even at this early stage there was something very different about this Sacred Esoteric Healing. I was offered an opportunity to re-connect with myself and through that, experience what true healing was. In the beginning the connection with myself was akin to putting a toe in the ocean – but still it was there.

I gave up transcendental meditation (which I had practised for years, with zero improvement in my quality of life and an hour a day wasted) in preference for the ‘Gentle Breath meditation®’ as taught by Serge Benhayon. It is hard to describe in words the loveliness of the connection to myself that came from 5-10 minutes of practising the Gentle Breath meditation®. Within a short period of time the toe became a foot and soon the daily deluge of tears from being a 40+ year-old woman with no partner and no children began to subside. I learned through these Esoteric Healing sessions that bringing truth to my issues – in the early stages with the support of a trained esoteric practitioner, which included taking responsibility for my choices (without judgment or perfection) – was the path to ‘the feeling good about myself’ I had always searched for.

Some years later Universal Medicine released the Esoteric Chakra-puncture modality, and even though I had sworn off acupuncture, I already knew that any modality offered by Universal Medicine would firstly be unlike anything I had tried before, and secondly would be something well worth trying. I say this in an unqualified way since through Esoteric Healing and the workshops with Universal Medicine, the changes in the way I felt about myself, and my practical day-to-day experience of life had changed very dramatically; you could say I was, and my life was, completely transformed.

From my first Chakra-puncture session I knew something was very different. Although many people compare Chakra-puncture to acupuncture they are actually nothing alike. The Chakra-puncture sessions brought stillness to my body.

The rush and raciness of the day was allowed to stop. It seems we are all searching for a way to be still – I tried through massages, meditation, yoga, listening to CD’s with the ‘sounds of water’ and such things, but none of that brought any real or sustainable stillness. Chakra-puncture sessions brought the space for my body to be still from the inside out. Through this I discovered a stillness that is within me, and that it is through a connection to that stillness that the rush and anxiety is dispelled.

On a practical note, the room I was in for Chakra-puncture was warm and private. The practitioner asked me how my body was and we spoke for a few minutes about how I was feeling. Once I got onto the massage table he touched a few points on my legs and arms and I got the sense that he was ‘testing’ or ‘reading’ how my body felt in order to know what to do. He then placed the needles in – they are very thin and light, and are almost not felt at all. I was covered in a lovely light blanket and as he left the room he spoke about surrendering and allowing the body to rest deeply. The sessions did indeed allow me to rest deeply and allow the rush and anxiety that was in my body to release. The joy of being able to truly let go and rest is a blessing I will treasure all my life.

I have since had many Chakra-puncture sessions. The stillness develops and expands each time and has become part of the development of the connection with myself. The stillness comes in a fashion that is absolutely exquisite.

Through this my day-to-day life has changed immensely and the stillness is evident in how I care for myself, how I am at work, and how I interact with others. I work as an Executive in a busy office, and in my experience it is a unique thing in the busy world we live in today to have time and space to be still in our bodies.

Through Chakra-puncture I have learned the stillness comes from within me.

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  • By Heather Pope, Corporate Executive

  • Photography: James Tolich