What is the ‘Sacred’ in ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing’?

Understanding the ‘Sacred’ in Sacred Esoteric Healing.

What is the ‘Sacred’ in ‘Sacred Esoteric Healing’?

There are many forms of ‘energy healing’. Sacred Esoteric Healing® does not place itself under that wide umbrella. Instead, there is a clear distinction, one that is founded by the word ‘sacred’.

Firstly, and before we get to the personal specifics of what the word sacredness is, and thus means to a practitioner of this healing art and science, it is to be understood that this practice consists of a cogent and dedicated approach to the science of energy healing. With that comes the knowledge of energy being a life-force that needs to be most carefully discerned well before one sets out in any way to use and or heal with energy.

A little, simple, esoteric background:

There are sources of ‘energy’ we know of that help sustain our body. Namely, we know of food and water. Food, in particular, provides us with known sources of energy, be it protein, carbohydrates and fats etc.

However, in addition and known to us for thousands of years, there is also the ‘light’ or energy source our bodies receive, which can either come from our spirit (prana) or from our Soul (fire). Yes, there is a distinction between the two that must be understood or at the very least re-discovered.

The Ageless Wisdom tells us that we draw much more energy and, therefore, life-force, from one of the only two possible sources, prana or fire, than we do from food. Both of these forces will support all forms of human life at the function level but only one will support all that is true of you, whilst the other will support all that you need or desire to be.

Can you pick the distinction here?

Perhaps it is a question you wish were not so, that is, that it be not a case of one or the other but both at once.

But these are the energetic facts: one will provide all the love and intelligence you truly are, and with that the extraordinariness that you innately are, and the other will provide you with the energy to become whatever you need or desire to be.

Consider astutely what these words illustrate and by that what they advance.

Esoteric Healing is the science of clearing and or arresting excess prana and its more emotional and mental vibration known as astral energy. When this clearing occurs we naturally replenish ourselves with fiery energy, which comes from our Soul.
Note: no one can give you fiery energy; you do this yourself once you are freed from the excesses of the imposing astral energy, which results from choosing your own energy.

Serge Benhayon first taught about Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility as far back as mid 1999. He made it clear then and still makes it very clear today, and always will, that if one cannot discern energy, there is no true integrity.

This is so, regardless of the result one may achieve, the claims made, the word being touted or the title or lineage being relied on. No other teacher in the world has presented as vastly and as extensively on the subject of energy, the fact that life occurs because of energy, that consciousness comes from the quality of energy chosen, and the real science and art behind energy healing; (see/read any of his 8 books).

Because ‘everything is energy’ (Benhayon ca.1999) there is, first and foremost, a need to discern which is in fact the offending energy and which is the true healing energy, well before one can entertain healing with energy. If this is not sought or, much less understood, the exponent is no wiser than the sightless or a hoper leading the way, as is the case with those who choose to reason that a name, title, legend, lineage or claim make a modality energetically safe, valuable, trustworthy and or true.

If an organisation/teacher/modality etc has not first and foremost distinguished the difference between prana and fire being two very distinct forms of life-force energy, there is little to naught true understanding of energy healing.

Serge Benhayon has not only brought the fact of the differing energies to all of mankind, open for all, equally, to be informed should they wish to, he has made it clear and precise which is which under an energetic form of discernment not ever made so practically accessible. And thus were born the revelations and teachings of Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility ... two crucial and precise defining factors that were first taught by Serge Benhayon (ca. 1999).

All in all, what you read and feel here is not a critique or a judgment but a call to a very high level of integrity, known as energetic integrity and the natural high end responsibility that follows – energetic responsibility.

In other words, if you choose to live in a way that will not impose on others, down to the level of detail of respect for the energy you emanate, you have ‘energetic integrity’. That commands a level of commitment and dedication that requires of us to hold a very high level of responsibility; thus, you have ‘energetic responsibility’ as a way of life. These qualities, when harnessed together, imperfectly as we all are, but committed by intent nonetheless, bring the word Sacred to the fore.

And hence, the word sacred in Sacred Esoteric Healing stands for the level of integrity and responsibility of the practitioner’s commitment to this form of healing. Moreover, and due to the training they have received, it is that they live the integrity and responsibility in all aspects of their life and not just as a title or a hat they don when they are at work.

This way of living and commitment to all as one life is also known as a Soulful way of being. The Soul, is our true source of life-force.

How do we practically live Energetic Integrity and Energetic Responsibility?

Sacred Esoteric Healing is a technique that entails a healing science and is ageless in its teaching. The modality encompasses the ancient knowledge and wisdom of energetic healing and the ‘Science of the Soul’.

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