Why can’t we say ‘healing’ in conventional medicine?

Why can’t we say ‘healing’ in conventional medicine?

Why can’t we say ‘healing’ in conventional medicine?

Conventional medicine is about ‘hard’ science, evidence-based medicine, procedures and pharmaceuticals; it is about things that are practical and things that ‘make a difference’.

It is about getting results, and results we need indeed, for without them our health would be a mess and there would be a lot of suffering.

Why can’t we talk about 'healing' in conventional medicine?

What is interesting is we don’t generally talk about ‘healing’ in conventional medicine. We talk about ‘results’ ‘procedures’ ‘numbers’ ‘statistics’ and ‘the evidence’ ... but not healing, unless we are referring to a wound or a fracture.

We talk about ‘wound healing’ and that people must ‘heal’ after their procedures, but we don’t openly talk about ‘healing’ as a daily ordinary and desirable state of affairs. In fact, in conventional medicine, if you mention the word ‘healing’, or that you are going to have ‘a healing’, or that you are ‘healing’, you are likely to be looked upon as some purveyor of woo-woo and stared at with suspicion, rather than the sane, sensible and well-educated intelligent person that you actually are . . . such is the culture of conventional medicine in this present day and age!

Yet, healing is a most natural state of affairs.

  • Our wounds heal

  • There is a physical process that our bodies engage in to heal

  • ‘Time heals all wounds’ is a common saying, which we usually apply to emotional pains

  • Our emotional ‘wounds’ ‘heal’

But when one speaks about having ‘a healing’ to support one in their healing process, medical people start to step away, even if ever-so-politely, as though what you are talking about is some kind of woo-woo, pseudoscience or quackery, and suddenly you are a person not to be trusted, whom they now perceive to have some sort of a 'screw loose’.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Why is it that conventional medicine looks with such distrust upon this word?

Could it be possible that the word ‘healing’ has become associated with a lot of abstruse practices of questionable efficacy and integrity?

Certainly there are many bizarre so called ‘healing’ rituals out there, involving perhaps feathers, toning bowls, overpowering incense, strange garb, chanting and crystals. With such suspicious rituals that people place their faith and trust in, over and above conventional medicine with often-disastrous results, it makes sense that deeply caring and sensible medical professionals would look askance when people mention the term ‘healing’.

But what if there was a true healing, that was natural and innate, and a most natural part of life? What if healing is a natural part of conventional medicine, in a most sensible and logical way and, what if there is a way of healing that we do every day that is a most natural part of our lives and could be a perfect complement to all that we do in life and as part of our health care?

Our bodies heal and our emotions heal. Awareness supports the healing of our emotions and how we have reacted to or been hurt by life.

We all know that we heal from the inside, not from the outside, although things can be done to support the body in the healing process, to take the strain off the body and put things in place that support the body in its healing process.

Sacred Esoteric Healing supports the body and us to heal from the inside through connection with our innermost where our true wisdom is found. There is no woo-woo, chanting, feathers, abstinence from medical practices; no need to live in a remote monastery, no crystals or toning bowls or strange clothing and costumes.

It is simply about a reconnection to that which is already within, and from there, in our own connection, and not through anything anyone does to us, we bring our own healing.

Our bodies are physical, but they are energy before they are physical – in fact, science tells us that everything that is physical is energy – physicality is just one form of energy, like light, sound, and heat. Conventional medicine addresses the physical needs of the body beautifully, but it does not address the underlying energetic needs of the body.

For true healing, we need to address both the energy of the body, and the physicality of the body.

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  • Photography: Shannon Everest