Why don’t I feel well? Is illness or disease just a random event?

Why don’t I feel well? Is illness or disease just a random event?

Why don’t I feel well? Is illness or disease just a random event?

When we don’t feel well, often we say things like, “Why Me? God, what have you done to me?!!” – because it hurts, and sometimes people can think that in some way they have been cursed or punished by God, or have been chosen and singled out randomly to feel bad and suffer, or have a particular illness.

There is often a sense of hopelessness and despair and powerlessness that goes with being diagnosed with an illness. We tend to think these things are ‘random’, but, nothing happens in the Universe ‘randomly’ – there are precise scientific laws to explain literally every occurrence. Even chaos has a theory!

So, what if there was a very specific reason for every exact physical and emotional symptom and every illness and disease and there was nothing random about it at all? It would make sense for this to be the case, given the order and precise ‘cause and effect’ of everything in the world around us.

Our bodies are a part of the universe too, and the particles that make up our body are the same particles that are in the whole of the Universe. So, it makes sense that our bodies must adhere to the same scientific laws of the universe, or else, we wouldn’t fit in as part of the Universe. Thus, if there is a precise cause for every event in the universe, then by energetic and scientific law there must be a precise cause for every dis-order, as well as order, in the body as well.

It is a well-known scientific law that, for every effect there is a cause.

Nothing happens without a very precise reason. There is nothing random in the universe. We can see from the world around us, that there is order and consistency, even when things are seemingly in a state of chaos.

For example, birds stay birds, the grass stays looking as grass, and the seas are still the seas. Yet, atoms and energy are moving between and through all of these things all of the time. What was once wheatgrass, may be perhaps juiced and drunk by you in a trendy health bar and then become part of your body. What was once sea water, is evaporated, taken up into the air and then becomes rain in another part of the world, that gets absorbed by grass, which is eaten by animals such as cows that later become the steak that you eat, becoming part of your body and so forth.

This is all part of the cycle of life, scientifically so and throughout it all there is enormous order, with precise laws governing how everything happens, despite the complexity.

Without order, everything would fall apart. Of interest, when we die is the time when the human body falls apart and returns to dust, but not prior to death. Human form is still maintained whilst we are living despite the constant interchange of energy and atoms in the body. Why does the human body stay as a human body when we are ‘alive’?

After death it is clear that we are more than simply physical and that there must be an energy which orders and commands the physical parts and atoms to configure together as a human body in ‘life’. There is an energy that orders all of the parts of the body, to stay as a body in its exquisitely ordered structure.

Thus it is energy that orders and holds our body in the shape and state it is in. What happens in the body is not random – whether we are talking about the process of ageing, the process of well-being, or the process of disease.

Atoms are ordered into structure and activity. There is nothing random. There is a program for function, a program for well-being, and thus also most certainly a program for dis-order and disease.

Disease is a process when the physical functioning of the body is no longer at ease. That is when we feel ‘unwell’. This can even happen with the mental or emotional processes of the body, for example, in disturbing thoughts, anxiety and depression, etc.

But, we know scientifically that there is an order, and nothing is random, so there definitely is a reason when our bodies are out of order, making us feel unwell. When we sit back and look at our bodies and the world in this way, it is difficult to hold onto the ideal that illness and disease is just some random event. Science is showing us that there is too much order to the Universe for this to be this case.

So, if nothing happens without a reason, what is the reason that we do not feel well?

To put is quite simply, nothing can happen to our bodies without us first making a choice. We are the ones who are in charge of our bodies. Choice determines what happens to our bodies, and that is then reflected in the state of what we call health in the body.

Every cause has an effect, but what determines the cause in our case is our choices.

It is interesting to note that people in the same family, even identical twins, have different states of health and different personalities and different emotional reactions and responses to life etc, even though seemingly they might look the same. Thus two people who, on the outside look the same, may be making different choices.

So if you’re not feeling well, the good news is that yes, it is something that you have done, but not in the sense of having brought it on yourself as a curse, but in the sense that how we live, think, feel and breathe has a direct effect on our emotional and physical health.

Your choices have created the level of health that you are now experiencing.

This may not be an easy thing to accept – that the underlying reason for the quality of health ultimately rests with us.

The good news is that if we can accept the fact that ultimately it is we who are responsible for our own health and well-being, then this in actual fact empowers us to start looking more carefully at the relationship between our lifestyle choices, and the quality of our own health.

And that is a much healthier way of looking at the world than to subscribe to the theory that all is a random game of chance in which we have no say at all.

"True healing is the discarding of what you are not."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 575

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