True health – are we missing something?

True Health – Are we missing something?

True health – are we missing something?

Are we really healthy?

From the moment we are born we deal with the fact that there is a body for us to live in, and to live with – a body that will interact with everyone and everything. It would be great if it was all perfect, but this is not so, and this is not our experience. As human beings there is a lot for us to adjust to, contend with, and come to terms with.

Rarely are we taught how to TRULY be with ourselves, our body or each other ...

... so we develop techniques, strategies, coping skills, ways of being, to get by and get us through. Sometimes we get sick, sometimes very sick and/or we develop mental ill health.

We only have to look at the statistics to see the current state of our health ...

Every day in Australia alone:[i]

  • 350,000 people visit a doctor
  • 742,000 medications are being dispensed
  • 23,000 people are admitted to hospital
  • 17,000 people visit the hospital emergency department

Each year in Australia alone:[ii]

  • 3.2 million people suffer with a diagnosed mental health disorder
  • 29 million prescriptions are given for mental ill health conditions
  • 30% of young people have thought of killing themselves[iii]

That is a lot of our people not feeling right, not doing well. That is a lot of our people putting up their hand saying, "I am sick, I need relief, I need help, I want out”. That is a lot of people in pain – a lot of people suffering ...

So how do we deal with, what is, in truth, the end result of a way of life, a way of being with ourselves, others and the world?

The potential solutions and glittering offerings and claims are endless.

It’s not just doctors we seek, or the medications or treatments we receive, because in addition to this we visit: naturopaths – Chinese medicine practitioners – dentists – chiropractors – osteopaths – herbalists – pharmacists – masseurs – physiotherapists – occupational and exercise therapists – therapists of every kind. We seek faith healers – hands on healers – psychic healers – healers of all kinds.

If our mind is ill we seek: counsellors – psychologists – psychiatrists – philosophers – astrologers – scientists – gurus – anything or anyone who might give us an answer or provide us with help.

And when all this may not be enough, there is more: we meditate – write affirmations – take a course – take a class – buy books – take vitamins and tonics – go on a fast – a diet – a detox plan – eat super foods. On top of all that, we go the gym – get a trainer – go to a health farm – even run a marathon.

We are willing to invest in almost anyone and anything that will help us avoid being sick, avoid the inconvenience and the disruption and, may it be said, seek solutions that allow us to return to exactly the same life without ever really seriously considering our part in it, or the choices we have made.

The fact is, our investments are not paying off

There is more illness, disease and mental disturbance than ever before. Something is clearly not working, something is not right and the truth of the matter is, health systems are not winning and neither are we.

  • How can we be, when so many of our young people decide so early on not to commit to themselves or life, but commit instead to suicide?
  • How can it be, that we have come to accept doctors’ visits and prescriptions as being a regular part of our life activities?
  • How can we be, when longevity is prized over well-being, so that by the age of sixty-five, half of us[iv] will have five to seven chronic and often serious illnesses, diseases or conditions?
  • How can it be, that the solution for our elderly then is to put them in old age homes, which are not homes at all?

Why have we settled for less than true healing?

When did all of this become accepted as normal and why have we subscribed to and championed this way of life? In truth, this is not our natural way.

So, can it be different to all of that?


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